Some Like It Hot

Some like it hot! I’m one of them. If given the choice between hot or not, I’d choose hot every time. There is just something about a spicy fire in my mouth that I find soothing. Who can account for ones tastes other than to say. “I don’t know why but I like it.”

Pictured right is the fourth bottle of buffalo sauce to leave my house in the last two months. I find that is good on lots of things. Some items are fairly obvious, for example if you put it on chicken it will taste like buffalo chicken. I have also found that it is wonderful substitute for mayonnaise, or to add kick to boring take out. I will additionally use it on vegetables, on bread, or as a dipping sauce for fries. It also makes for very lovely cologne. When nothing but that hint if spice will do!

Other than salsa, I would say it’s hard to get something too hot for me to enjoy. There is something about hot salsa that just screams wrong to me. It's like watching Christmas movies in July. I like Christmas movies but they have no business being viewed in the summer. It’s like that with me and hot salsa, I can do it, but don't prefer to. I don't want mindless heat all the time. I would rather get food I enjoy, with a kick. I don’t understand people that eat peppers just to say,

“I eat peppers.”

“Wow! A rare variety of the mindless pepper eater! Honey, get the camera!"

Who cares? I could eat grass if I wanted to but what does that prove? That I can subject my self to misery for no good reason? I don't like grass, so I'll leave it for the cows.

I can only think of one time where I was seriously over-heated. I took Patricia to an Indian food place. It was a sort of take out shop, and I hadn't been in a number of years. It was her first real experience of Indian food. We walk in and after a while I say.

“We want two orders of the lamb curry please.”

Our host asks, with a rather thick accent, “Mild, medium or spicy?”

After a second I ask, “How spicy is spicy?”

At this point he gets a huge grin on his face and belts out “Spicy! Spicy!” claps twice and rings the cooks order-up bell.

I look at my wife with a lost expression and say “how bad could it be?”
Tears were streaming down our faces just driving home with it. It was the hottest food I’ve even had in my whole life, and that is saying something. We ending up washing all the lamb off under the tab water, and it was still unpalatable. I don’t think we went back there for about three years or so.

Not that I let that stop me from seeking heat elsewhere. As I see it, some like it hot and there is nothing that will quench that desire.


J Crew said...

I'm all about heat.

Roberta said...

Most people assume that, because I'm a wuss, I don't enjoy spicy food. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I love spicy food. I just can't eat very much of it, or it can't be too spicy, because after a while it's so hot I can't taste the food any more. That's okay, though, 'cause it takes less spice to do the trick for me. I like to think of it as "more bang for your buck."

kludge said...

j Crew-

I hear you. We need to Do wings soon...

kludge said...


That's a very practical point of view. And I agree if spicy for spicy's sake isn't my point of view. I just don't understand the folks, that feel like ground pepper is really going out on a limb. :)

Ando said...

Jalepeno Cheddar Cheetos.

Call Me June... said...

I'm not at all about spicy! I do like ketchup on many things however!

SJ said...


Great thought on wings - we tried them with JCrew and his wife - wonderful!!!!!!!! Like how we invite ourselves :)

I am not a HUGE spicy fan, but do enjoy it every now and then. We have two bottles of Franks Hot Sauce I bought for a dip recipe I have - we will have to break out the recipe and give it a try.

Oh - and I told J Crew this, but will share here too that I have been given a recipe from a friend in MO for apple dumplings that she says are to die for and they are easy - but the kicker - that I knew would make them more enjoyable for you and J Crew is that Mt. Dew is one of the ingredients! Can't wait to try them!

kludge said...

Ando- Thanks for the hot tip!

I have never seen these, I will be on the lookout.

kludge said...


Franks Red Hot is just like ketchup...

...No, really!

kludge said...


I'm always up for wings, and you can always get them mild, if your not up for the heat. Or just subsitute your soda for a bottle of blue cheese dressing!

I will have to try the MT Dew Dumplings. I can only imagine dumpling with with a kick of caffeine!

SJ said...

We will pick a time for everyone to do wings and try the dumplings - I was hesitant, but my friend says they are soooooo good and easy. That will be my next recipe "try." We will all have to play Catan and have Apple (Mt. Dew) dumplings as a treat!