The Drive Thru

In light of not being able to faithfully get an embarrassing post out every Saturday, I’ve decided to stop trying. I from this point on, I’ll just begin to add them to the week as I feel moved. So if I happen to post on Saturday it might not always be an embarrassing post anymore.

Story Circa 2005

This is a fairly recent encounter. I find that nothing can cause embarrassing posts for me the way commerce can. For some reason a disproportionally large amount of these episodes happen during a purchase.

I was driving thru to get some lunch between calls. I’m not positive what the order was, but it was most likely a salad and a diet coke. This is my standard lunch drive thru fare. When I get up to the front I exchange pleasantries with the clerk. I then pay him, he says thank you and I drive on. This all seemed to go pretty smooth you say.

Wait I say…

As I round the corner I realize… I didn’t get my lunch. I paid, and drove away without my lunch. Groan. The place is packed in like crazy. I didn’t know what to do. I parked in the lot and walked inside. After waiting through a five minute line I get to the front.

“What can I get you?”

“Ummm… I just came thru the drive thru”


“I ordered and paid, but didn’t get my food”


“I drove off without my food…I have a receipt”

The counter clerk eyed me with distrust, but checked with the drive thru clerk. The drive thru clerk came over toting my bag.

“First time I’ve ever seen that one buddy!”


The clerk, and other patrons got a good laugh and I got my lunch, which for some reason had a bitter aftertaste.


J Crew said...

I hate it when that happens or when they mess up your order

kludge said...

J Crew -

Have you done this too?

Ando said...

At least this didn't happen to you at the Arby's in Winnebago, NV. It would have been a much worse ordeal, as J Crew can atest.

kludge said...


Now that sounds like a story worth sharing!

Windy City Survivors said...

I just love it how now you have to ask for catsup. Fries just aren't the same without it, but I always forget to ask. Hmm..must save them $$$

kludge said...


Yea! what's up with that. When I go thru Taco Bell I have to beg them for more than two hot sauces!


Call Me June... said...

I believe I might have benefitted from forgetting my food more often!

Ahhh, the Arby's in Winnebago... I remember it well! Did Josh ever get that side order of chicken strips?

kludge said...


okay...someone needs to share this story. You can't all come here, drop a gem like "Ahhh, the Arby's in Winnebago... " and then go along your merry way... Hello?!!

J Crew said...

I will have to post about that one next week. Stay tuned... and Kludge, I have forgotten my order in the drive thru.

SJ said...


Don't feel too bad - I have done this twice and was so embarrassed! I am glad I am not the only one.

Ando said...

Ok, first I have to say that I'm an idiot because there is no such place as Winnebago, NV. It's Winimuca. Second, I can't believe that June missed blasting me on that one. Your games slippin' June!

Call Me June... said...

Not only didn't I catch it Andy, I repeated it. You must cut me some slack however, I am on week 1 of my diet and my brain cells are starving!

Yes, Winnemucca...

RJ-77 said...

No offense to all of you but, WHAT THE HECK? I have never forgotten my food at a drive thru, as you can tell, and if I ever did you know what I would do? I'd keep on drivin' buddy. I would either not eat as punishment or simply go to a different store and purchase food. The worst part is trying to 'reclaim' your food. Let it lie!

Emberli said...

I had a drive through first one time in my youth. My friends and I decided to back in to a Taco bell drive through instead of forward obviously, and they said they had never seen anyone do that and they were so impressed that we got three huge bags filled with cinnamon twist, 5 large sodas, and our whole order for free! This was all very exciting at 17 years of age. I hate getting my order wrong but it's cool when you get someone elses and it's better than what you paid for. Why do they act like sauce comes out of their own paycheck?

kludge said...


I have also just driven away some days. But this was the only place in town and I was hungry. Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride, no matter how bad it tastes!

kludge said...


I'm always getting a drive thru surprise. either the addition or subtraction we didn't ask for. Now I plant myself there and check the bag before I leave. Other drivers love you for this!

I agree, again,