Lazy Thursday Blues: Scavenger Hunt!

Last weeks game was a blast and we will play it again. For those who didn't get a chance, I would check out the narrative. It was quite amusing! Thanks to all who played!

For this week I had a new idea, and we'll see if it turns out.

An Internet Scavenger Hunt!

The premise is simple. I name an item and you find it online. You add a comment with the link to your find and a new item to locate. This can be as simple as the 86nd word on a certain page, a picture or video, or the breeding season for the Australian Horn Toad.


1. Keep it clean, and no linking to questionable sites.
2. You must already know where the answer/link/picture your sending people out to find is at, before you dispatch.

So I'll get it started as usual. Below are two pictures. Be the first to find one and comment with the URL. Then you can name your own challenge for the game.

Happy Hunting!


Windy City Survivors said...

Can you give us any hints where to start???? I'm not coming up with anything.

kludge said...

Sorry for the stumper right off the bat.

Have you ever been to Stuff On My Cat? very funny website...


Windy City Survivors said...

Okay, the first one of the cat is found at:

Cat's name is squashy taken on 8/16.

New Item to find:
scooter for seniors-a scooter for when nature calls (kind of an "odd" picture).

J Crew said...

This is too rich for my blood

SJ said...

Ditto - - maybe if I wasn't suffering from a horrible head cold I might be able to function, but I am going to blame "this is over my head" on my cold and medicine :):)

kludge said...


Okay... in the game The Car

What time is showing on the wall clock?

kludge said...

It is obvious that this game will not be a "keeper"

I can accept that, and I'll try something else next week. I'm deleting the last comment, becuase there was no hunt... but the answer was correct...kudos!

SJ said...

I really liked the one where you gave a picture and people "wrote the caption" - that was fun!

Jeremy said...

10:14 (pm since it is dark in the showroom). And I do like this game... okay, here is my little search item:

The Aroma of Purgatorio.

kludge said...

Aroma I'm guessing this is the link you mean... A little strange. :) I know I'm not going to buy them!

Find - Apprentice Sith Lord job opening -