A young elven archer finds himself flung at the feet of a processing official just off a boat from some, unknown destination. I'm told that I a special, and that I must find my way in this world. It's a foreign place, full of things that I've never encountered before.

Like the insect transportation infrastructure, lizard people slaves, elven drug traffickers and some half cat woman who wants to be my friend. So I do what I always do. I slaughter wild and vicious creatures homicidal maniacs and try my best to make this strange world a better place.

Video games. What else is a geek to do from 9pm to dawn?

I've been immersed in a game that has taken longer to complete than any I've played before. I'm already well over 100 hours of game play with no end in sight. It amazes me how a game can suck you in. I've been devoting many of my free time to the well being of the inhabitants of Morrowind. Do they deserve it? Certainly not. Do like like me? Of course they do, for three reasons.

1. I do good.
2. I have a high personality roll
3. I bride anyone with a $1000 who doesn't like me.

I'm like superman with a bow and corporate backing. I've posted here before about how video games can draw me in. After a few hours of game play I stop sitting in my office chair and start roaming through the volcanic wastes looking for egg mines, ransacking necromancer hideouts or searching for the clues to the missing dwarven race. I wear green glass armor, levitate over hilltops, breathe underwater and can hit a moving target at 1000 feet with a bow and silver arrow. It's a hard world to give up. But eventually I realize I'm just another geek in suburbia with a wife, two kids and radiation poisoning from my monitor.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, except for the concern that one of these times, I might not be able to break the reality barrier. I might start roaming the country side with a Kmart archery set in duck hunting camouflage, attacking windmills and wearing shaving bowls on my head. If that should happen. Just stand perfectly still. I'm a lousy shot in real life.

Death Of A Friend

My friend and companion for many a long campaign has died. Together, we rid the world of dark wizards, waring tribes, and even completed the occasional word puzzle. Together we changed the course of many a planets history, raised a few million pylons, turrets and laser towers. In addition we also decapitated many guests that came to my house in search of 'a good time'. We've fought back the scourge of aliens, expanded territory and devoured more RAM than I ever thought possible.

Today, my video card is toast. Today she just gave up. The 19" flat panel screen began 'searching for signal' and I knew her time was up. I suppose there will be no more Super Mutants to slay, or NPC's to chat up for my little red friend. Looking at her lifeless form reminds me of how excited I was to acquire it. At the time of our original acquaintance 256MB of RAM was quite substantial, as my pocket book was made aware. Today, it's almost a joke.

Still for all her medium lighting settings and anti-aliasing shortcoming she did a good job. I'm sad to see her go. How sad. Of course for every loss there is also hope.