Lazy Thursday Blues: You Decide

Alright, I had a new idea for a game. It has the potential to be quite fun I think. We’ll see how it goes.

You Decide!

The premise is simple enough. A series narration similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I'll start off with a brief narration, and a list of choices. Someone responds with a couple of sentences about the path they want, and a couple of choices of their own. We will play till we stop.

This is only limited to your own imagination...don’t worry about length of your path or originality or anything, just comment. The more comments the further the story, however odd, thrilling, funny or ridiculous it becomes. You choose the path to fame, misfortune or the inane.

Here we go:

“It's your first day on the job, but you are not sure what you should be doing. You were hired after a two-minute interview that involved holding your breath, and hopping on one foot. They offered you a position. It seemed odd but since you were broke, you decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth. After the interview you were lead into this room on the 22nd floor and asked to sharpen a crate of pencils. As you were halfway through with the sharpening, a rush of water started to pour into the room. The water was filling up to your ankles.

The door is locked. And no one is answering your calls for help."

A) You can climb into the ventilation shaft.

B) You can escape out onto the window ledge.

C) You can finish sharpening the pencils.


Windy City Survivors said...

This is a great idea...I'm not sure I like any of the options.

a)I would have to be super tall and strong, not to mention pretty skinny, to get yourself up the shaft.
b) Not a good option if you a terrified of heights.
c) Would only be a good solution if you were a die hard committed employee...
That being said, for the sake of the story I will choose b. Let's make this story interesting.

"As you stand there with the water surrounding your ankles, you look at your options. There is no way for you to reach the ventilation shaft. You are too short and there isn't a chair in the room. Not to mention that the hole is too small to fit your 200 lb body through. You then notice the window, only you are 22 floors up and you are terrified of heights. The only other option is to keep sharpening the pencils hoping that someone will check in on your progress. As you stand there weighing your options, the water has no risen to your calves. You decide to head to the window. You reluctantly open the window and look down. That is a long way down. You tell yourself not to think about it and lift one leg out onto the ledge, then the other. The window slams shut behind you, there is no going back now. You need to decide how to proceed and you look at your options.

a) See what is around the building corner to your left

b) Head to the right and knock on someone's window and hope that they answer.

c) Try to climb down the drainage pipe

d)Just jump and end it now :) j/k
Jump and try to reach the window cleaners scaffolding. (very common to see here in Chicago).

Ando said...

I choose b)

"You head to the right and knock on the next window only to discover is occupied by your office rival Seymor McGuilicutty. Someone you've managed to acquire an office rival in the few hours you've been sharpening pencils. Apparently he is a Ticonderoga-only man, and you've been sharpening Rose Art pencils. Nevermind that you had nothing to do witht the actual purchase of said pencils. You try explaining this to him through the window, but to no avail. What to do now?

a) shuffle over to the drainpipe.

b) punch through a plate glass window and grab Seymor by the throat and demand he let you in.

c) reveal your superpower ability of flight to the spectators below and office mates, forever labeling yourself as the "freak" of the office.

kludge said...

I pick A)

"You shuffle over to the drain pipe in hopes of shimming down to safety and out of this crazy new office life. The pay was fine but you forgot your swim trunks As you reach the pipe you notice it is missing a 20 foot section of pipe not two stories below. This would put you near the Research department, but you believe you see an open window. Or you can go up three stories to the Marketing level."

a) go up to marketing

b) go to research

c) cry

Anonymous said...

I choose a). Slowly but surely you pull yourself hand over hand up the drianpipe (thank goodness you ordered the Complete Gym from Chuck and Christie). You finally reach the open window at marketing. You make a daring leap and grab hold of the sill and drag yourself to safety. Just as you fall to the floor you hear someone yell, "Cut!" You discover that your employment really has nothing to do with pencils but that the company manufactures drainpipes and you have just been in a commercial emphasizing their superior strength. Realizing this you
a) Angrily demand an explanation and a raise.

b) Begin to laugh and bask in your new found stardom

c) Whip out the 45 you keep in a shoulder holster and and start firing.

Heavy G said...

The last one was mine. No idea why it made me anounymous

Call Me June... said...

Let's go with c...

It's been a bad day, and frankly you just are not in the mood to deal with being the butt of this elaborate scheme. You whip out the 45 you keep in a shoulder holster and and start firing. Thank goodness your aim is terrible and your only victim is the proverbial office cooler. Realizing you have now committed a felony you...

a) quickly shimmy back down the drainpipe

b) grab a hostage and head for the elevator

c) ask to speak to your lawyer

Windy City Survivors said...

choose a:

You quickly go back down the drainpipe. Now that you know that it was an elaborate tv commercial plot you trust the drainpipe even more. You get to the point where the 20 feet were missing and find that it was there all along. They wanted you to think that the pipe was missing so that you would go up to marketing. You continue on down the pipe but then it really does end. 10 feet below you is a garbage can. You can now choose to:

a. Jump and get smelly from the fish'n'chips diners garbage

b. Go back up a floor and enter the window of the beautiful blonde you saw

c. Try to grab the rope that is mysteriously dangling from 3 floors above.

kludge said...

I choose b.

You go back up to the blonde, who is not terribly attractive after all. She informs you that the marketing staff had no idea you intended to massacre them all, and were clapping as you jumped out the window. You are told they would like to star you in another commercial. They usher you to a make up room and tell you to get changed into a ballet costume. After changing you look around. The room is entirely made of mirrors. One is missing revealing a corridor. After a few feet in the corridor you come to an intersection, you see a clown to the left and a dusty bottle down the right corridor

a) Head left towards to the clown

b) Head towards the dusty bottle

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I pick C! :)

Ando said...

I choose b)

you pick up the dusty bottle and notice there is a small bit of liquid left in it. You pull your corkscrew from your pocket, since you're an alcoholic, and pop open the bottle only to be assaulted by a noxious fume. Choking back the vomit, and coughing profusely, the bottle slips out of your hand and shatters on the ground leaving a puddle of the mystery liquid on the ground. Seeing your reflection in the puddle, a balarina wearing a shoulder holster, you begin to feel that maybe you're wasting your life. Do you

a) turn the .45 on yourself

b) go back to marketing and unleash your .45 on them for making a fool out of you

c) ask the clown what he's doing for lunch.

kludge said...

I choose C.

Fortune smiles on you. You and the clown, who’s name is Fred, have a brief repast consisting of three banana cream pies he had stowed in his trousers. You say your goodbyes, and continue down the corridor. You arrive at an open courtyard. To your left is a room that looks like a laboratory. Smoke is pouring from the room. To your left is a large machine labeled “No Peeking!” You also see a rather sizable gathering of people standing in a circle looking at something. Clearly this is not your average office building

a)you go into the laboratory

b)you take a look at the machine, whatever it might be

c)you gather into the circle with the other onlookers

Call Me June... said...

I'll take B...

With insatiable curiosity you must peek at the machine, which you quickly discover is a transmorgifier (yes, just like Calvin's!) With catlike stealth you slip under the transmorgifier from whence you reappear as...

a) a great big hairy ape

b) an Oompa-Loompa

c) Elvis Presley

Windy City Survivors said...

I choose c:

You exit the machine looking like Elvis. Having given in to your curiosity about the machine you decide to find out what all those people are looking at so you enter the room. Much to your amazement as you get closer to the crowd they all look like Elvis. They are watching a tv screen to see who is the next "fool" to enter the transmorgifier machine. You decide it's time to:

a. Break out in Elvis' "Now and then theres a fool such as I"

b. Leave this mass of Elvis impersonators and head for a stage-you should get paid to look this good

c. Search for a mad scientist who can transform you back to the 200 lb man in a ballerina outfit.

kludge said...

I choose a)

After a rousing chorus of Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I, which wins you the admiration of your fellows, you pause. This has been quite a day, and your not sure if you can afford the counseling you will need to get over all this. You curl your lip and head towards the labratory.

There are a number of bubbling conconctions on the table in a myriad of colors.

a. drink the puce potion

b. drink from the goldenrod vile

c. head back to the transmorgifier