Which Espresso Drink Are You?

There is a new quiz on Legal Addictive Stimulants. I had so much fun making the last one I thought I'd crank out another. If you all like it I might make Mondays, caffeine quizzes on Legal Addictive Stimulants.


Boston Love said...

I'm an espresso! Woo-Hoo...how boring.

SJ said...

Loved the quiz!

Windy City Survivors said...

Great quiz...I'm not a coffee drinker so I learned a little about coffee terms :)

You are a Cappuccino.

You are one part espresso, one part milk, and one part foam.

You are quite well rounded, in most of your life. You have interests, a job and are happy for the most part. Your personality allows good and bad things to happen without it affecting you too much in either way. You, my friend, are steady lighthouse in the foggy and uncertain sea!

Brian said...

Looks like i scored in the Cappuccino side of things.

kludge said...


I was actually betting on espresso! I suppose the stories one hears from ones brother, about ones attentions to details, can't always be trusted.

What is one to do?