Craiglist Pranks

Sweet Freaking Mercy!

I cannot believe I've left this place dormant for over a month. It appears the at the well of random thought has dried up. Not so. Nay, never...

...Okay well that's about all I have to say.

I've been thinking. That's right, lock your doors and put earmuffs on the youngsters! I give a way a fair amount of stuff on Craigslist. It cool to put something on my driveway, post my address with a picture and just say, "Come and get it!"

People come. I've given away things like as old monitors, furniture, baby gates, stuffed animals and computer memory. Someone somewhere will come. If you post it, they will come.

I have also driven all over town, picking up strange things. Things like like scrap lumber, free tools and even three boxes of old magazines. Anyway, this got me thinking... how do we know that these are legitimate?

If I was really pissed off at a neighbor down the road, couldn't I log in and post a new listing

"Free Lawn Gnomes. There are approximately 73 to choose from. Pick one or take them all! Plus free black and white cat, answers to "Mr. Boffta Wiggles!" if you can catch him. Don't worry he's mostly friendly! 123 Canal Street, Anywhere USA. "

Why not?