Rat Tails

One night a about two months ago we had a rat in the house. It was a rather large rat. It is no longer with us, but it left a rather large impression on our lives. You see, well...let's start from the beginning.

The wife and I where having trouble sleeping. It was early February and the rains were in full force. While we were trying to drift off to sleep we heard a scratching sound. You know that sort of sound that triggers your brains awake? Similar to the crying child or distant scream. It says, "Snap out of it! I'm important!"

So we both popped out of bed and, looking at each other with wide eyes, followed the sound down the hallway. It was coming from the heater closet. I flipped on the light and opened the door. Nothing there. Wait...ah yes. Droppings. oh crap not what we wanted to see.

That night passed slowly and hazy call of sleep that was once upon didn't return so readily. Eventually morning arrived and while I was at work, Patricia went to the store for some mouse traps. She set them out and we waited for that clapping sound of victory. This feeling that you are the master of your home and the lord of your manor. I imagine this the same feeling any general gets when they've defend their ground and pushed back the enemy.

The next morning we awoke to a sprung trap and no victory. Defeat! We set another trap and waited. While the wife was in the living room with our eldest daughter I was in the office and heard her call.


"What is it."

"A tail! It's huge!!"

Indeed. From under the door by the heater a four inch tail was evident. This was no mouse...this was a rat. Our home was now infested and we were prisoners to a vermin living comfortably off our crumbs. Patricia ran out to the store and bought rat trap...a big one. The really sticky kind. She put it int he closet and within 5 minutes we heard the thrashing of rat.

"Now what?"
"We get it rid of it," I respond

She grabs a pot from the kitchen and walks to the closet.

"I can't do it," She says and hands the pot to me. "Will this do?"

"Yeah that'll do. Don't let Hannah see."

Just so you're clear here.... Patricia got a pan, because she wanted to scoop this giant thrashing rat into and dump it in the trash while still alive. I accepted the pot, becuase I was going to bang it on the head as hard as I could and put it out of it's misery. I've never killed anything larger than a bug before.

So when I raised the pot over my head and came down
"Wham!" "WHAM!"

Patrica was stunned. "What ARE you doing!?!"
"Getting rid of the rat.." I pant out of breath

As we stood there both puzzling over each others puzzling. Hannah, who just figured out what had happened, made her own quiet confession...

"I thought that was one of Cinderellas friends."

The Brown house may never be the same.

Goodbye Facebook

What my email said:

Hi Peter,
You have deactivated your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging into Facebook using your old login email and password. You will be able to use the site like you used to.
The Facebook Team

What it should have said:

Hi Peter,
You have regained your sanity and held on to what small shred remains of your common sense.
I doubt you'll miss out on anything crucial, save what people eat for lunch...
The Facebook Team

No offense any of my 26 Friends, but Facebook just wasn't for me.


Dude, I'm so stinking tired!! I woke up this morning and my brain never clicked in. Stupid thing took a sick day.

"I'm taking a sick day"

"What?! You can't do that. We have to go in today."

"Sorry. Can't help you. I'm Petering out."

"Ha ha... Come on, get up. I need you to work the legs and arms and stuff."

"Not happening."

"I can't function without a brain."

"Your job? Sure you can! Like you need me to sit at a desk all day and wait for problems?"

It then shut down and was non responsive. I was forced to realize it had been completely correct. I felt fine. A little tired, but still me. A little scary when you find out that your brain is just a gratuitous organ taking up space in your skull but that's where I found myself this morning. Thus the day has proceeded in quite an unexpected manner.

I got to work consumed my 1.5 liter Thermos full of coffee. Nothing. Nada... Can't think of another no word starting with 'n'. Wait. Ah yes, little sleepy here.

I've been yawning too. This never looks good

"Peter we need to talk about the new network deployment plan...Uh, are you yawning?"

"Soo-ooo-orry. I'm listening. No really. What do you need again?"

Plus the clock has been moving at a snails pace.

Open email
Check clock
Type up response
Check clock
Acknowledge network alarms
Check clock
Go to restroom
Check clock

Sweet mercy... Is it Thursday yet?

What's On Your Desk?

I just turned around and snapped this shot

2- Full height, 8 platter, 5 1/4 SCSI drives (1 gig each)
1- New Pentium Pro Processor date stamped '94

So... What's on yours?