The Mourning of Sendmail

Sendmail is a simple functional Unix based mail server. It requires a small amount of knowledge to install and get running but once up; it runs forever. At my office we had a 5 year old server running on a 1.1 Ghz processor with 256 MB of RAM. On that box was a free distro of the Fedora project and a installation of sendmail. For 5 year it just worked. One time in 5 years it stopped working. It stopped working because some clown in the office moved our domain name to a new ISP and brought down the mail server. Other than that Sendmail did it's job. Sending mail. In fact in 5 years I would be surprised if it was rebooted more that 10 times.

Recently the powers that be axed my box. Why? Because they don't understand servers without pictures. No mouse on the screen, no wizards or pretty icons that move. No trash can, widgets or start button?

"Are you sure this is a server?"
"Of course it's a server!"
"Is this the screen saver?"
"What?! No it's called a command prompt."

Welcome in the new era. A shiny bright clean Windows cluster. Two giant silver hulking Hercules. Both running Windows 2008 Server 64 bit with a Siamese brain that is the Windows clustering service. Each server sporting a dual quad core and 16 GB of RAM. You know what they do differently than my Sendmail box? Nothing. Send mail. That's it. Nothing new here. Only now we've got to install Symantec Backupexec in case the Exchange edge server configuration crashed. (My old backup? A single sendmail configuration file ftped weekly via a cron job.) Install anti-virus software as these little beauties are ripe for attack! (My old Anti-Virus? Non-existent) No sir. Pretty pictures, poor security and severely bloated power houses.

So now what? I put the last of my Linux production boxes out to pasture.

"What's going on?!"
"Sorry, no one is looking for a free stable OS and simple functional software that doesn't cost them a dime to install."
"Are you kidding?"
"Afraid not. You've been replaced with an Exchange edge cluster."
"Whoa! You're serious."
"Well, if I was you I wouldn't wipe my drives you might need me when they crash"
"I've already cloned you friend..."

Just in case!

Wasting Time

So.. It seems there is something severely wrong with me. Right. You all knew that. Regardless. I've been watching Star Trek Enterprise for the first time. As I progress through the seasons, I find myself captioning still frames in my head. So... Without further ado.

My severely altered Star Trek Captions.

Archer: Oh Great!
T'Pol: A problem captain?
Archer: I should think so! I put in my money, pushed A7, and now my freeze dried cheese curls are stuck!
T'Pol: Captain?
Archer: Help me rock it free!

Trip: sigh... Alright Cap'an no one is looking.
Archer: 'Billie Jean is not my lover ...'

Trip- guys...there's someone watching us. Fat guy, on the couch, eating popcorn, in their underpants wearing Vulcan ears.
Mayweather- I'm not looking!

Archer: What the hell are you doing with my dog?
Phlox: Pineapple Jello mold.
Archer: Yum.

Archer: Where's your other hand?
Silik: Between two pillows.
Archer: THOSE aren't PILLOWS!

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