What Espresso Tool Are You?

There is a new quiz on Legal Addictive Stimulants.
I've had so much fun with last two quizzes I've decided to do a third. The quiz is a bit different, you will find little middle ground. This test is all about extremes. So enjoy and be sure to let us know:

What Espresso Tool Are You??


Call Me June... said...

I'm a milk thermometer! I'm not sure what that says about me, but I think it's another way of saying I'm a busybody! Not sure I like that, but I'll claim genetics! I think I'll take it again and answer differently...

kludge said...

I'm just glad you got something besides "Espresso Tamper!" I'm afraid only you, Jenylu, and I are any different!

As they say, "When they made you they broke the mold, and beat the tar out of the mold-maker"