Ode To A Meeting

Come to the meeting
Where nothing is done
Come to the meeting
Where ideas are shun

Come to the meeting
When your coffee’s all gone
Come to the meeting
Your just a seat filling pawn

Come to the meeting
Put your workload on hold
Come to the meeting
Where your body grows cold

Come to the meeting
Well talk troubles and strife
Come to the meeting
We’ll not solve it, not on your life

Come to the meeting
Because your life’s not complete
So come to the meeting
Just relax, and kick up your feet.

-Peter Brown 2006


J Crew said...

I think we should have a meeting to talk about meetings

kludge said...

The agenda items will be like

1.) Locate where we can cut back (ie. paper clips, pencils, etc)
2.) productivity is down
3.) break for lunch

Ando said...

Come to the meeting
Through the red tape we'll slog
come to the meeting
for a great topic to blog.

You should create a new blog called Ode-E-Us that has all your poems.

kludge said...


This is a great stanza! I love it.

I was going to break out to like a four blogs...but then were would Kludge Spot be? Thanks for the title... I might end up using it on my side bar.

SJ said...

Meetings, meetings, meetings - oh the joy! That is my goal this year - to make the staff meetings at school meaningful - if it can be said in a memo, that is where it is going!

kludge said...


Meetings drive me nuts. I wrote this while we wasted THREE hours in a meeting that, as you say, would have fit in a memo.