Ode To A Porkchop

Pork is good for eating
I dismiss what E.B. White thinks
If pigs were meant for petting
They wouldn't make good hot links

Pork is not other white meat
Even if pork raisers say so
Other white meat is reptile
It makes bad bacon, don't you know

Yes it's true pigs are quite large
And they eat food green with mold
They're like a magic farm machine
Turning garbage into porcine gold

There are only two bad pig parts
You can keep the hooves and head
I'll skip head cheese and pigs feet
But take the rest, once they're shed

This ode is to a pork chop
Cause pigs were made for munchin'
It's not a food for nibbling
But for breakfast or for lunchin'

-Peter Brown 2006


J Crew said...

Bacon is meat candy and pork fat rules, especially in sausage form

kludge said...


Welcome back! I'm very glad to see your picture pop up on the blog!

I heart pork... what more needs to be said.

Brendan said...

I heart pork... does that already exist in bumper sticker form?

kludge said...

yes, I'm afraid someone beat me to this epiphany.

All I could manage was the bacon begging one.

Justin said...

Bacon, sausage patties, sausage links, pork chops, glazed ham, is there anything that cannot be done with pork? Ah yes, I love the pork.

SJ said...

We just need to get you all to Lamberts in MO! All you can eat! Widen those doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ando said...

I am moved to tears. Bravo sir, bra....vo.