Lazy Thursday : Yeti Day

It seems everyone liked the Yeti Sports games, here's the whole lot.. enjoy

Yeti Sports 1 Pingu Throw
Yeti Sports 2 Orca Slap
Yeti Sports 3 Seal Bounce
Yeti Sports 4 Albatros Overload
Yeti Sports 5 Flamingo Drive
Yeti Sports 6 Big Wave
Yeti Sports 7 Snowboard Freeride

Still here... More Yeti Day Fun

Yeti/Bigfoot Dance Very odd...

When Yeti Attack! I'm not sure what he said but it seems scary!


SJ said...

This has been way too much fun for me this morning. Yikes - I have wasted some time - back to work - thanks for sharing!

kludge said...

I apologize... I will try to be more considerate and post less enjoyable things here. :)

SJ said...

No - no - no - keep posting.:)