Hitch Me Up

I was stuck in traffic, the scenery was not grabbing my attention, and the radio refused to play anything but “purple rain”. I was about to give up my quest for some distraction when a lady caught my eye. She had flowing red hair, her make-up job was immaculate and she couldn’t stop smiling at me. Oddly enough, she was only a head stuck to the ball of the trailer hitch that was attached to the truck I was following.

This might seem odd but I’m been seeing lots of unusual trailer hitch’s. I’m not a truck person. I drive a truck, but it’s a very small truck and would never put me in the "truck driving" class. In fact I just found out that the term for this automotive ornament is a hitch cap. The dolls head was odd I have to say. I had trouble not trying to figure out the story behind that one.

“Mommy, Mommy!!”
“What is it dear?”
“Suzy’s dead!”
“I know dear” her mother sighed, “Your father promised to bring her home tonight.”

Who can guess, what the story was, but I bet it involved a lot of booze and too much free time. I’ve recently seen some other hitch caps, but none surpassed the sheer bizarre nature of the plastic doll’s head. For your enjoyment here are some others I've seen, and a couple I found online.

Recently seen on the highway

  • Can opener hitch cap. This is both useful and funny!

  • Propeller hitch cap. It spins… and that’s all!

  • Dog Picture hitch cap. Printed picture of your best friend!

  • LED Skull hitch cap. Creep out those tailgaters!

  • Key safe hitch cap. This is cool! A combo lock key safe hitch. I’m always locking myself out of my car.

Seen any other hitch caps on your roads?


SJ said...

The mid-west if full of them! You can seem them anywhere - in a wide-array of styles! Wow, the dog one cracked me up and the bottle opener - that is a for sure central Missouri hitch!

kludge said...

I liked the bottle opener! I was opening to find a scrolling LED sign...

That would be cool, then you could say whatever was on your mind.

"merging left... move over!"

Brian said...

I think one of my favorites is the propeller...granted most the time it is a boat prop that twrills in the wind. every time i see it i think it would be cool to have an airplane prop that did the same. i would have to buy a hitch just to put it on but it might be worth it?

kludge said...


Looks like your not alone.Plane Hitch Cap

I see by your ISP that you have already made it to South Dakota. You seem to be making good time!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I saw a fist. It was disturbing. Of course, there are a million tennis ball hitch covers driving around the suburbs of ATL.

kludge said...


I haven't seen the fist yet. that is quite odd...
I don't understand the tennis ball thing, what help is that providing? Are people sitting on these things? or just doing it to do it?

Who can guess

Brendan said...

Maybe the cover keeps them from rusting...?

Brendan said...

Maybe the cover keeps them from rusting...?

RC said...

i don't think i'll ever be a member of the truck culture...that's okay w/ me.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

kludge said...

Brendan -

I heard you the first time! :)

That seems very reasonable, a little too reasonable for this site.

...maybe there is an underground hitch club, and the tennis ball is a way of "knowing" whose was in...Only, something went wrong and non-members were doing it too! So they disolved the underground and now people are doing it and no one know why it really started!

kludge said...


Agreed! I'm not losing any sleep over it either. :)