Drinking Problem

Story Circa 2003

It was a rushed morning, I was running late to work. I was working for a computer consulting firm. Plenty of face time, working with clients. I was required to do a good job and look nice. Everyone wants a clean computer tech, especially with our rates!

I was out of hair gel, and this is already a very bad thing. My hair is a giant cotton ball. I was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. I looked like a waiter from the '70s.

I was in the office reading my email and drinking my coffee. Getting ready to start my morning routine. Just before I was heading out from my office to my first client of the day I decided to finish off my coffee.

There was only a small amount of coffee left in the bottom of the cup. I threw the cup back and realized it was still half full. Clearly this is not going to end happy.

Coffee ran all over my face and down my white shirt. I looked completly ridiculous. I put on my coat and started the day. The drink spilling, cotton-headed, 1970s waiter.


SJ said...

This story sounds like me a few times - I have several times had to wear a jacket all day due to spilled coffee - even had to drive home to change one day during a plan period because the coffee on my pant leg could not be hidden by my jacket -

Joshua P. Allem said...

I've done that same thing with coffee, tea, Dr. Pepper, Margarita, just about all beverages. But not very often...just often enough.

kludge said...

I hate mornings like these... they are hard to recover from