Review - The Sebastopol Zoo

The Sebastopol Zoo is a must see. There are new adventures of sight and sound around every corner. I recommend this for anyone who is looking for an exciting way to spend a weekend. It is one of the last nature preserves in California that allows you to interact with the exhibits. Overall I give it four Birkenstocks.

  • The Walking Tour- I had been on the drive through at top speed tour of the Sebastopol Zoo before. Today I had the opportunity to take the walking tour. This was a thrill. The Sebastopol natives are a simple folk, generally friendly and mostly amiable. Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready.

  • Buy and Plant – Today on the tour I was stopped by a group of people selling plotted flowers. You buy the flowers and then are required to plant them in beds along the sidewalk. Additionally they kept the pots. This is Sebastopol at its best.

  • Lennon Murder Truth (– If your lucky enough to see this van it will be the highlight of your visit. I had no idea that John Lennon was shot by Stephen King.

  • Art- The Sebastopol Zoo is awash with art. Like this piece found at the community gardens, it leaves me speechless.

  • Food
  • Sit Down Dinning- The natives here enjoy a wide varitey of food. There are 5 Thai resturants and one vegetarian eatery.

  • Fast Food- Sebastopol used to be home to my favorite burger joint "SO-SO'S." Sadly the natives discovered that hamburger trasnlasted from German means dead cow. Business dropped off like the grand canyon, and they were forced to close.

  • Free Zones
  • Nuclear Free- If you didn’t know Sebastopol is a nuclear free zone. So respect their customs and leave your radioactive isotopes at home.

  • Drug Free- Sebastopol has several areas within the village were signs are posted, that clearly read “Drug Free Zone.” If you brought you drugs to Sebastopol, please avoid these areas, or the local constabulary might have to write you a ticket.

  • Tips
  • Parking - If you do as I did and park inside the village, be sure to bring a neutral car. My car is a pickup, covered in dirt. It has no political markings, which is a must if your bent is to the right side of the isle. Either way expect a number of flyer's on your car when your done with your tour. This is one of the many idiosyncrasies of the natives, its polite to take them with you and pretend like you will read them.

  • Technology - You want to remember as you walk the streets of this simple village that the people are not accustom to technology. Hide your cell phones and pagers.

  • Apparel- Mostly anything goes, but if you really want to "fit in" the key is sandals, sandals, sandals. The hand knit shoulder satchel, and "Peace Means You" logo can't hurt.

  • Either way enjoy the Sights and Sounds of the Sebastopol Zoo!


    J Crew said...

    Huge fan of Sebasotpol. Love the tree farms and you know your town is small when on the sign that leads to your town it has the home of the high school that is there...

    Ando said...

    I guess Radioactive Man would not be welcomed.

    kludge said...

    I'm just glad the USSR never bombed us... They would have had a herd of hippies protesting from Sebastopol!

    Roberta said...

    Ha, ha, ha! Yes, Sebastopol is definitely an entertaining place. But you ain't seen hippies 'til you've been to Arcata. Now THAT is an adventure! In case you decide to make the four hour trek, a word to the wise: don't feed the hippies in the square.

    kludge said...

    Roberta-(haven't I seen that cat before?)
    Thanks for stopping by.

    I do remember reading about Arcata... I think they were trying to ban chain stores in the city. I'll have to take a sabbatical soon and head up there.

    Roberta said...

    They were trying to ban them, and I think they were successful.

    If you ever do come up here, Ryan and I would be happy to show you all the interesting sites, including the huge hippie commune known as HSU.