Piece a Cake

My wallet has been in the evidence room of the Sonoma county sheriffs’ office for the last 8 years. I was pick-pocketed a month before I was married. All I have to do is go down there with a current ID and claim it. I’ve been thinking about doing it for the last 8 years, but I never seem to make it there. I even work for the county, and I drive by this office at least once a month. I could easily stop by and get it. I could probably even send an email to someone and have it inter office mailed to me. More than likely I’ll never get it.
This is procrastination at its best.

I find that I always have a reason not to do a thing. Additionally these are usually the simpler tasks. For some reason I’d rather do the hard stuff and put off the easy stuff till later. My favorite line is “Piece a cake. That should take about 5 minutes.” Generally this is a true statement. I just never seem to get around to it. I cannot believe I’m the only one.

  • I’ll wait 3 months between haircuts.
    It’s fine; just gel it…
    hum, I feel sorta slimy.

  • I’ll walk to the gas station after I run out of gas.
    How far into the red is really bad?
    They should have the light get brighter!

  • I only shave once a week.
    This isn’t because I like the sexy stubble look.
    What’s sexy about an unshaven geek?
    Not much my friends!

  • I won't even mention the dentist.
    I'm sure they're all fine in there...

  • But… if my computer is running slow…
    I’ll wipe it.
    Reload the OS.
    install the drivers
    my applications
    and finally restore my data
    Even if it takes all night.

So my car’s registration was due in December, and we paid it. All I need to do is take 2 hours out of my weekend to get a smog check; I don't need a reservation, and I don't even have to fill out a form. The smog shop will send my results to the DMV over the Internet, and then the DMV will mail me my registration sticker automatically. I can totally do this... wait...2 hours! On a Saturday?! Who has that kind of time? We have to drive down, drop off the car... Oh heck, I'll just stay at home and spend that time on something more tedious and less productive, like re-bundling all the cables behind my computer into perfect order, or maybe I'll just type up my blog.

"Piece a cake" ...


J Crew said...

How true that is. That's what I like about you Kludge, you are all about easy does it.... for the most part

Ando said...

Wait, I thought this was my blog.

kludge said...

Mi blogo, su blogo.