Turkey Gangs

There is a very real threat in my hometown. Turkey Gangs. Few who wander into the turf of these vicious thugs live to tell the tail. (Yes, that was a blatant poultry pun) When you look at the below photo the first thing you think might be, "Man you need to wash your windshield!" but after you get past the streaks and bug grime, you'll see the Gobblers.

The gang cornered me in a rather nice neighborhood about a month ago while I was driving around. I made a wrong turn and suddenly found myself in disputed territory. The Gobbler Gang swarmed my car and started mocking me.

"Get out of the car boy, and we'll see who gets the stuffing knocked out of them!"

"I got your Thanksgiving dinner right here son!"

"With a side of creamed coward!"

This one came right up the car and started looking for lot he could pillage. Luckily I had my wits about me, and started snapping photos. Otherwise no one was going to believe me! It was absurd! After I got a couple of click I needed to figure a way out of this without ruffling too many feathers. (And another one!)

"I have lots of dried corn scratch at home..."


"Honest! Let me go and I'll come back with some. Ok?"

"Sweet! Don't take too long now!"

"Yeah, we'll be waiting!"

Well the ruse worked like a charm. I even had one run along with my car for about a block or so to give me a nice Gobbler send off. It was a rather close shave, and I'm glad I didn't lose my head. Of course truth be told, they were all just a bunch of real turkeys!


Ando said...

LOL! Creamed coward! Brilliant!

I too have been acosted by rogue poultry. On my own property. Things seemed to have a reached a truce for now. Jackson does an excellent job of keeping them at bay.

jenylu said...

Scott has been commenting on all the wild turkeys inhabiting Santa Rosa in recent years -- glad they didn't ruff you up too bad! :)

Windy City Survivors said...

Wild turkeys are awesome!!! Of course if they are in a big "gang" that might be a little overwhelming, right Peter? :) I did like your description of the sides though, very clever.

Missy said...

Rogue Poultry!!!! Santa Rosa has been inhabited by wild turkeys....do you think there will be a special department formed by the police?

eileensideways said...

my husband drove a mail truck, a turkey gang followed it every day, one day he got going fast with them following and slammed on the brakes. turkey stew anyone?