Random Text From A Blithering Idiot

I can't think of anything funny. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'll just talk about the voices in my head. People will sometimes ask me where I come up with my strange ideas and I have to admit, I don't. The voices in my head do.

That might be why so many of my posts end up having dialogue in them. I talk to myself all day long, like some escaped mental patient. Arguing about decisions and wondering about things. I have to say there are times that I surprise myself with the things that I say. Is that weird? Does anyone else to this? Will you be reporting me to the local authorities?

"I think you should stop."


"You are scaring off the readers."

"Oh... Really?"

"Maybe you should just write a post like '20 things I learned as a crazed psychopathic'"

"That's a bit rude."

Or sometimes I'll just belittle myself...but only if I really deserve it. I can't say that I'm sure how I got to this point, where I thought this was an acceptable post, but there it is. Take it or leave it.

"You know I've been thinking about tan lines, car people and sneezing..."

"Save it for next week, Ok?"



Missy said...

maybe you should look into that little inner voice? I don't think everyone has a conversation with themselves every day...but maybe all the good writers do, or just the crazy ones, then again you did marry into this family.

Ando said...

You know what's not acceptable? Spelling the word acceptable exceptable.

Oh, if you hear sirens approaching your direction I'm sure there for somebody else. Just try to remain calm. I suggest lying on the floor with your hands and arms behind your back.

kludge said...


Agreed. I'm not sure what happened...What? Oh right...my imaginary voice is telling me it's because I'm a lousy speller... is that acceptable?

kludge said...


I'm not sure, I want to look into it. That would mean that I have to acknowledge that this wasn't just a joke post.

"Just tell them you're kidding!"


"They're getting worried about you..."

Just kidding everyone! Ha ha...

"did it work?"

SJ said...

If the inner voice is responsible for my daily entertainment - then I am ok with the voices!

jenylu said...

Maybe you should start saying "we" instead of "I" -- why should you get all the credit? :)

Ando said...

Oh, and I love the word, blithering.