20 Things I Learned From Sci-Fi

(A tongue-in-cheek list of things to come)

  • Tomorrow is coming for you, ready or not.

  • Robots and aliens will be there too. If you're lucky they'll be good. Don't bet on your luck.

  • If you hear the phrase "We come in peace" batten down the hatches, you're about to get pummeled.

  • Clones are evil. I don't know why. Oh yeah, so is déjà vu.

  • If you need artificial gravity on a ship or space station, you just need to spin the object in space. This works every time.

  • Technology will only work if you really don't need it to (eg. Transporters, hyperdrive or automatic coffee dispensers...).

  • In the future, machines will turn on us. So try and be nicer to your microwave.

  • Even if the odds seem infinitesimal, whenever you travel through time, you will always run into a relative of yours.

  • Causality loops, spacial distortions, titanium and spandex jumpsuits are really common in the future.

  • Sooner or later, you're going to have to hook your brain to a computer. Why wait?

  • The future is either really good, or really bad. We do away with moderation around 2015 or so.

  • Whether you like it or not, there will be a time when something catastrophic happens to Earth. More than likely we did it ourselves.

  • Lucky for us, Mars is a lovely place to raise a family and everyone vacations on Io or Callisto.

  • In the future, people can read your thoughts, foil hat or not.

  • At some point, we do away with physics. Therefore we have no relativity and have replaced it with huge explosions in the vacuum of space. Explosions are cooler than relativity anyway.

  • All aliens are smarter, stronger or more advanced than humans. Humans are the dregs of the universe.

  • Though we're really not that different from aliens. Even if they breathe cyanide and eat rocks, they probably can quote Shakespeare.

  • While we will have phasers, neutrino bombs and particle destabilizers, we will still mostly fight with our fists.

  • No one uses paper money in the future. We will have things called 'credits', which everyone has but nobody accepts as payment. Sort of like pennies.

  • 42.

    Jeremy said...

    If you are on an away team and are wearing a different colored uniform than the rest of your party, you're going to die.

    Ando said...

    ...and it all happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

    kludge said...


    Star Trek is so predictable with that one! Did you see Galaxy Quest? They do a great spoof on that...

    "Do I? Do I have a last name?"

    kludge said...


    And so launched a set of jowls into movie history...

    Missy said...

    I think that was my favorite part of Galaxy Quest! His hysteria was perfect. I love the sci-fi channel because they play one show all day and change it up each day. I LIVE for Star Trek days. Oh, don't tell anyone. I want to live on Mars.

    How are your jeans feeling?

    Did you see my comment on the plane ticket?

    kludge said...


    Opps! This might not be the best place to hide confessions, but I promise, I wouldn't talk about your odd obsession! :)

    I replaced then with nice new clean and whole old person jeans... sigh...

    Yes! Some deal, you should go via Chicago and see if you can tack another $500 on!

    Mission Musings said...

    I'm all for cloning.

    Mission Musings said...

    And Star Trek.