Lazy Thursday Blues: Collection Day

Or as an old co-worker of mine used to say 'Stuff & Junk & Stuff" Again, feel free to caption the below pics, or just enjoy and clickety click on the links.

They're going for the newly popular "antiqued' look.

And the latest craze to hit the street...I've had this shot in my file for months debating whether or not I should post it. Here it is, even though I still have no idea what it is he's thinking. Secondly are those all his and if not, who would willingly put their baby there?

Hvanig Trbolue Raeidng Tihs? You Shouldn't

Take 5 and relax... No really, that's all.

Idiot Test Simple. Right?

Kittenwar! Like judging cute kittens? ...sigh... I know that some of you are nodding. Well then go nuts on kittenwar! for the rest of you check of the "losingest kittens" section.

Microwave Maniac Check out the Christmas lights...


Missy said...

I have NO caption for the guy jumping the babies! I loved the microwave site, except yesterday you gave me a craving for coffee and today I need CAKE!!!! what's on the menu for tomorrow? Loved the Christmas lights, cool...

Ando said...

I love the "Remodeling" picture. I used to have a similar one that was a van with the words Barrel O' Fun on the side of it and was ablaze on the side of the highway.

BTW, I'm apparently brilliant.

kludge said...


I could go for some cake two! It seemed to react pretty normal to a doze of radiation... not like the gummy worms...uhg.

kludge said...


"Barrel O' Fun" in another pic in my questionable pile. I wasn't sure if it was to macabre.

I've yet to finish. Seems I have pretty poor green button click reflexes.

Needleroozer said...

The microwaved soap was my fave.
Was the idiot test supposed to be hard?? Did I miss something, or am I just too damn smart for my own good?

Windy City Survivors said...

The fire picture reminded me of my attempt once to almost remodel our newly remodeled kitchen! :)

I'm with you on picture #2, who would volunteer their baby to lay in the street with a weird guy jumping over them??

jenylu said...

Too brain dead for clever captians.

Picture #1 gave me a chuckle.

Picture #2 was just scary!

Mission Musings said...

Where do you find this stuff? Absolutely hilarious.

"For sale. One microwave. Slightly used."

SJ said...

I have to say I enjoyed all the things under the pics (which the pics were good too - I just couldn't get the creative brain to come up with captions). I did have to start the idiot test over once I will confess, but then caught on - - - I was mad I had to start over - oh well! I will blame it on being pregnant - works for other things :)