Lazy Thursday Blues: 8/30/07

"Never do this!"

"Terror sale on isle 4! Buy the 4 gallon Terror tub and get the spray attachment for spreading Terror evenly."

Stuff I found this week:
Light Saber - The New Household Tool

This is the closest you can come to being a superhero

Mario Bro's Cake


SJ said...

That cake is crazy - not what I would choose for my wedding cake - but creative!

MichelleR said...

The super hero video was intresting, it looked like fun!

Sarah said...

Chris and I watch Ace of Cakes and see some really cool cakes made. This looks like one of them. It would be fun to have a cake like that for a birthday.

The super hero video was crazy. I kept expecting a car to come around the bend and run him over.

Roberta said...

I don't know if I'd really want to eat a cake like that, but it sure is pretty darn cool.

I love Ace of Cakes! I don't really watch TV, but I've seen it at friends' houses and that show is awesome! I wish I had the patience to do something like that...

Missy said...

the guy going down the mountain was SO cool, he has a death wish, but it was cool!

I really want cake, why do you always make me want cake?

Could you please explain reddit and diggit? Are you on vacation?

jenylu said...

You must be on vacation. I hadn't been in the blogosphere for a couple of days and thought I'd be way behind!

kludge said...


Could you please explain reddit and diggit? Are you on vacation?"

Yes, and no.

Reddit and Dig are sites designed to find interesting things (articles, pictures, etc)

I post some of my stuff there and people vote on them, driving more viewers to my site as the votes rise. Some people like the post and vote up, or some don't and vote down.