Coffee For Brains

Coffee for brains, as I turn on my truck
It's completely is charge, and with any luck
It'll get me to work while I take in the view
Believe me or not, I tell you it's true

Coffee for brains, my skull is a mess
Void of all thought, no worry or stress
As I open the door to start a fresh day
I pass folks in the hall, and have nothing to say

Coffee for brains, as I sit in my chair
I pour out my joe and I smell at the air
The aroma of thought trickles in through my head
I feel like a sleeper raised up from the dead

Coffee for brains, as wait for the cooling
I wipe at my mouth, as it's corners are drooling
It wants to be whole, wants to get at this cup
For there is my intellect which soon will wake up

Coffee for brains, as the first mug I drink
I now see the world and my brain starts to think
As I rely upon logic I must gleam from this act
I have coffee for brains, that's just simple fact

-Peter Brown 2007


Missy said...

ooh now I want a double shot venti iced coffee with extra whipped cream!

Good crack me up, got to go to Seattle Espresso...

kludge said...

:) Thanks! I pity those people who exist without coffee...

...must be so lonely...

SJ said...

Your creative poetry amazes me - wish I could think of clever things like that -

And boy do I hope my love of coffee comes back after the baby is born!

Windy City Survivors said...

Very nice poem...I'm with SJ, I wish I could come up with things like that. That being said, it didn't inspire me to go grab a cup of coffee, but that is because I am not a fan of coffee. Give me hot chocolate any day of the week over coffee!!! Yum.

kludge said...


Thanks. I'm still trying to get Patricia ramped back up, almost a year and a half later...

...but she's coming around. Coffee won't be denied!

kludge said...


Thank You. I totally understand. There are days when I just cannot have straight coffee, but rather make a *rather* chocolaty mocha. (made with dark chocolate chips) AH!!!

I would do hot chocolate more, but I'm ABSOLUTELY addicted to caffeine!