Monday, October 02, 2006

Driving Time

Has Old McDonald got you down? Bored of bottles on the wall? Tired of counting the yellow strips down the center of the highway? Well then maybe it's time to bring some fun back on the road.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’m not a big fan of driving places. Other drivers cutting you off, the traffic, the high price of gas, the thrill of sitting for hours and cramping up your leg muscles. I suppose when put that way even I can see the appeal!

If there is a long trip to go on, I’d much rather fly than drive. I like being able to fall asleep, or get up and walk around, both activities are frowned upon by the highway patrol. If there is not other option I will drive to my destination. If driving is a must, I’d rather be behind the wheel than shouting orders and slamming on my imaginary passenger brake petal.

In order to pass the time Patricia and I play a game. The game is very simple; you get to hit your fellow passengers and they cannot complain. Okay it’s not quite that simple but that is the eventual ends at least. The game is a called 'Slug Bug.' You see a VW bug and you can haul off an punch someone. If you see two you announce “slug bug!” and take two shots. Using this simple formula, you can calculate out how may punches you will get for four or five bugs.

In oder to keep it fair we do have a handful of rules:

All hits must be announced. It is essential that you announce why you are attacking your fellow passengers. This gives them time to locate the VW and realize that it is a fair punch. They can also take this time to tense up their muscles. Additionally the moments are well used if the victim wants to arrange their keys in their pockets, in case you try for a leg punch.

Never play angry. This is essential, and should never be breeched. A slight tiff can turn slug bug into a counseling appointment. Always make sure your both having fun. Additionally Patricia will sometimes announce, “I don’t see a bug, and this punch is just because.” I have learned to accept that sometimes I deserve to be punched, and that realization makes our lives run smoother.

All miss hits result in a two punch payback. So be careful of punching too quickly. The back of the 1940's Volvo looks an awlful lot like the VW bettle. This is a painful mistake, as the second punch is normally landed more accurately than the first.

Car lots are ‘Out of Bounds.’ This is a rule that came about after the third trip past the VW lot. We were both swinging with reckless abandon, and decide to call a cease fire. You can decide on your own, but for us this seemed like a very reasonable addition to the rules.

Due to the fact that we liked slugging each other so much we ended up adding out of state license plates to the mix. I have to say this game beats the life out of the ‘ABC’ road game, or “Street Sign Bingo.”

There is nothing quite as satisfying as punching people and having them laugh about it. So go out and slug the ones you love!


J Crew said...

I haven't played that in a while. Christine was beginning to pummel me and my arm hurt

SJ said...

Jeremy and I love this game - of course I think he thinks I cheat - calling the game on when I see one and am ready - ha ha - but we do play this! Fun times! However, we don't call off parking lots. I can see how going through the VW lot could cause a problem.

kludge said...

J Crew-

I understand, Patricia and I are nearly exclusively leg punchers. The only real pain is a bruised ego... a three bug run the other day! Whoop!

kludge said...


Jeremy should initiate the "always on" rules. Once your in the vehicle the game is in play...

...I find the only real way to cheat is being the driver. The rear view mirror, is a huge advantage in this game.

SJ said...

Thanks for the tip - I will have to be the driver more often!

Ando said...

Jen and I play the out-of-state license plate variation. Any out-of-state license plate gets you a whack. I used to play this game in high school on the way to games, but we played you got to hit the person however many letters were in the states name. Someone once saw Beautiful British Columbia. That one hurt.

kludge said...

Ando -

That seems like an interesting variation, if not a little painful. Did they also get to punch for the adjective? I think that might be unfair... unresloved rule in our version is, does the spotter get to punch everyone, or just one person?

SJ said...

I think they should get to punch everyone - - - of course I say that hoping to be the one punching!

Also, thanks for the great tip - I will have to be the driver more often!

Windy City Survivors said...

Ahh...I miss playing that game. You don't see too many VWs around here, we tend to be an American car area. :( Plus being in the rust bucket you definately don't see the older 70s VW bugs, they have all rusted out. That is a significant down fall around here, your car doesn't last long!

kludge said...


Hey you could play your own variation... like punch for a non-GMC car! Or...pick a word for the day, and everytime you see it on a street sign, give a punch. I would suggest avioding Interstate, Exit or Stop.