Lazy Thursday Blues: You Decide

I really enjoyed this the last time we played it and I hope you did too. I'm going to try it again.

You Decide!

The premise is simple enough. A series narration similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I'll start off with a brief narration, and a list of choices. Someone responds with a couple of sentences about the path they want, and a couple of choices of their own. We will play till we stop.

This is only limited to your own imagination...don’t worry about length of your path or originality or anything, just comment. The more comments the further the story, however odd, thrilling, funny or ridiculous it becomes. You choose the path to fame, misfortune or the inane.

Here we go:

“You have just come of age. Your father is a shipwright, but not a wealthy man. You've been around boats all your life and despite your fathers pleas you decide to seek your fortune abroad. While you are out at sea you hit a nasty bit of weather and smash your little boat against the rocks of some uninviting island. You haul yourself to shore and are relieved that your body appears to have held together. Standing on the beach you realize that the ship was shattered to pieces on the rocks and you cannot find enough wood to even make a decent picture frame. Riffling in your pockets you find a pocket knife, a picture of your dog, and a beenie cap. To the east you see what looks like smoke rising. To the west is a grove of cocnut trees."

A) Head to the east and see if this land is inhabited.

B) You head west and try your hand at getting a cocnut open.

C) You can make a sand castle and drink some sea water.


SJ said...

You head west and try you hand at getting a coconut open.

While standing on the beach you realize that you can see the smoke - so first, because you have not eaten for a while you will go west and try to get some coconut. You can always head east later. As you are walking you notice foot prints in the sand - but they are footprints much smaller than most adult feet you have seen. You continue towards the coconut trees intrigued with the footprints. As you approach the trees, you can hear strange sounds coming from beyond the trees.


A) Decide you can have coconut later and head past the trees to figure out what the sounds might be.

B) Sit under the shade of the coconut tree and take a nap.

C) Climb the tree and get a coconut down - then begin the joy to trying to open it.

J Crew said...


As you head past the trees you begin to hear what sound like some techno music. As you come upon a clearing, you notice that there are about a thousand or so lemurs who are dancing and saying "I like to move it, move it. Physically fit" You try to duck back into the trees, but they notice you.


A) Run like crazy!!

B) Run out and dance with them!

C) Pick up the 12 gauge shotgun that you saw in the brush and go lookin' fur dinner.

Windy City Survivors said...


You decide that it can't hurt to jump in and dance with the lemurs. You can't help but join in the dance as they are dancing to your favorite song. As you are busting a move with the lemurs, you look up and notice a beautiful woman coming your way. It is then that you realize that these lemurs were singing the song to this woman. Wow, what a break. You get stuck on some island with a beautiful woman. You then decide to:

a: Approach her and see if she is available to go eat a coconut with you as you are getting hungry and thirsty.

b: Play hard to get and see if she is interested in you since you have never had luck in approaching a beautiful woman.

c: Forget about the woman, they are nothing but trouble and this one has lemurs that dance and sing to her. You walk off and go find that coconut tree.

Aunt Missy said...

Since this started out with it being either male or female and windy city changed it to male, I guess I have to change it to female...


Also being a woman, you really have no interest in the woman, or why she has suicidal creatures who adore her, she really is ugly! The coconut is intriguing as you are hungry, but as Gilligan never told anyone, too many coconuts are not pleasant. So you head off toward the smoke to find out if there is a barbeque, they are just finishing up dinner right? As you crest the hill and peer down into the valley where the smoke is coming from, you notice that the small footprints belonged to the tribe of people who are much tinier than you. With all the tales of native tribes, your decision on barbeque might not be so sound. Just as you are ready to turn around, they spot you....


A: Run back down the hill hoping their little legs can't keep up.

B: Start singing show tunes as everyone knows you are in a better mood once you start singing.

C: Just hope for the best and head on toward them looking for what might be the best barbeque in the tropics, maybe you could add some tips, women are better barbequers!!

SJ said...

I choose A - but I am saying running up the hill - since running down it would be running towards them - -

You start to run up the hill and know that if you break out into a great show tune, you will not hear the thunder of their milliions of tiny feet behind you. As you are running, you break out into song and as you run you are singing, "The Hills are alive, with the sound of music . . ." As you are running out of breath and can hardly continue running and singing, you notice that all of the natives are signing along with you. They have joined in the song and have stopped chasing you. You turn around only to see them all standing there singing your song! You begin to walk towards them thinking that they must be friendly - and they must have some form of food. You get to the bottom of the hill and notice that they do have a fire going. One of the natives approaches you and wants to lead you to their leader. You . . .

A)eagerly go with them to meet the leader, pulling out your beanie to offer as a peace offering

B)ask where the BBQ is

C)decide that this is tooo strange and run up the other side of the hill to see what might be there

kludge said...

I choose B

Clearly everyone has seen The Sound of Music. The idea makes you realize that maybe your not in as remote a location as you thought. Additionally maybe you are as bad a sailor as your father claimed.

Either way, being the strong confident woman that you are, you ask them where the BBQ is. You're ashamed of the beanie and you are quite hungry and coconuts really are a bother. You indicate to the tinnies, as you call them, that you are hungry by moaning and shoving your hand in your mouth. They show you two there table. roasted lemur. You share a lovely meal with the tinnies. You then begin the difficult task of communication.

a. You gesticulate and draw in the sand to try to make them understand what happened to you.

b. Show them the picture of your dog

c. You wave goodbye and continue to explore the island

Aunt Missy said...


You really are stuffed now and the brain is not as quick as it should be, so you show them a picture of your dog, tramp..a chihuahua, okay they jump to conclusions about the name. You are trying to explain you had a dog named Lady and well it only seemed natural, when they start smiling and making spaghetti eating gestures. They loved that movie, lots of great songs....But it being a chihuahua has influenced them negatively, you either hate them or love them. Their good mood with the show tunes has disappeared and they are making sounds you have never heard before....


A: Quickly try to find the picture of your newly acquired pitbull puppy, always a winner....

B: Just hope for the best and RUN!!!!!!!

C: Suddendly find a spaghetti squash growing nearby and convince them you can recreate the scene from Lady and the Tramp.

kludge said...

I choose B.

Clearly you have overstayed your welcome with the tinnies. Apparently they do not favor chihuahua's. With a stomach full of lemur you are re-energized. You easily out pace the tinnies.

About 5 minutes into your run your leg cramps up and your mothers warnings about exersie and food rings clearly in your head. You stop and look around.

You are in thick undergrowth in a lush forest. It would be quite beauitful if it weren't for the fact you were stranded on an unknown island,with a pack of pigmys who would like to kill you on your tail. The only redeeming part being that they cleary have satalite TV.

You see a cave opening to your right and what looks like a clearing in the trees to the left.

now you

a.) head for a cave openning.

b.) head for the clearing

c.) Use your pocket knife to fashion a lovely and useful palm leaf hat.

Windy City Survivors said...


You head for the clearing up ahead. As you run past the trees you enter the deep, lush green grass. You are a little timid at this point as you don't know what could be crawling through the grass. Suddenly you hear the sound of a helicopter. You look up and see a Coast Guard helicopter. They had heard you call for help, seen the smoke of the tinnies and are now here to help. Being the stoic woman that you are you calmly wave your arms. You can hear the tinnies feet coming closer as they near the clearing but the helicopter hasn't quite landed yet. You decide to:

a: Make a run for it and jump up to grab the Coast Guard's hand

b: Decide you are tough and can handle this on your own and head for the cave

c: Decide to take a nap in the grass. All of the food and running has made you exhausted and you just want to relax.

SJ said...

A - make a run for it and jump

You decide to run and make a jump for the ladder as it is being lowered to you - you jump and don't quite make it. You fall to the ground and land wrong on your foot - you have now either twisted or broken your ankle. You can hear the tinnies close behind. You are sure they will catch you so you crawl into the nearby cave. As you get into the cave, you see one of the tinnies grab the ladder that has been dropped and they are being taken up - you watch the Coast Guard fly off, thinking they have rescued who they came for. You can see the tinnies becoming angry - because one of their tribe members has been taken. You . . .

A. Stay in the cave and try to rest.

B. Crawl out and try to make peace with them - as now you are in real need of help.

C. Decide to go out and teach the tinnies how to make palm leave hats - hoping this will distract them.

kludge said...

I choose C.

The tinnies hatred for chihuahua's is not as strong as their love for palm leaf hats. You have once again found your way into their good graces.

As you busy yourself on hat number 42 you hear waves crashing, and a knocking sound...

... You awake with a start to find yourself in the cabin of your ship. What an absurd dream you were having. Last nights tuna surprise did not settle well with you apparently.

You run above deck to find a very peacful sea. The knocking is comming from a raft off your port side. A weary looking man in coveralls is sitting on a life raft. He appears to be covered in seaweed. You have no idea why. He asks to come aboard, you:

A. Welcome him aboard

B. Give him some rations and contine on you way.

c. Ask him to convince you he's trustworthy enough to come onto your ship.