From The Editors Desk: Concerning Fridays

Gentle Reader;

In an effort to make my life more complete I have started to write down conversations and stories that are very silly. They pop into my head and make me laugh. I have decided to publish these rather odd writings on Fridays.

If it is your position that everything here is silly, than you might not be ready for Fridays. On the other hand, if you like to read stories about the pied piper at the shrinks office or conversations between cavemen please come and visit on Fridays. If you would like a bit more serious content I suggest you check out my other blog Legal Addictive Stimulants, which I endeavor to update every couple of days. I have quite a few published post there.

Last week I published a serious fiction short, and while I enjoyed it, I can't foresee putting any more writing of that variety on Kludge Spot. Thank you again for all your kind comments regarding it.

I don't intend to be able to get these out every week, or they will become forced and they will not make me laugh anymore. This would destroy the whole point. If I can't manage a story, I will publish a suburban article as per usual.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Editor and Chief


jenylu said...

What did you do with all your time before you had a blog??? I'm glad we get to enjoy this forum for your creativity. I will be checking in on Fridays. :)

kludge said...


What is 'play video games'!

An activity that has been sorely neglegted...

...I should do something about that...

SJ said...

Well I will look forward to Friday posts - always enjoy your blog!

kludge said...


Thank you... and you might be a little surpised regarding the silly factor on Friday.