Yet Another Saturday Post

I know this took place before 2004… I believe it was summer or fall of 2003… regardless.

I was over at my wife’s parent’s house. There were six of us total, Patricia and myself, my father and my mother-in-law and Josh and his wife Christine. I’m not positive what we were doing, or how it all started but I clearly remember how it all finished. I was evening because the light was on. We must have been leaving because we were all near the door.

So… (I always feel a pang of reluctance right before sharing these with everyone)
So…(Maybe it helps though to tell people, that way it sort of lessens them)
So… (Mostly I believe I’m just giving you all ammunition)

So… my father-in-law starts turning off and on the one light in the room… I’m not sure why.

body, this is the brain. I’ve got an idea
What’s that brain?
We should pretend to have an epileptic fit… right here!
Would that be funny?

Sure it would!

So dad had stopped with the lights about five seconds before I started the act. Big Mistake! I fall to the ground and start thrashing around for at least twenty seconds or so…

Was that funny or WHAT!

“Peter,” my wife with mouth aghast, “are you okay?”

no one is laughing brain… they’re all just staring at us

“I feel wet,” I say.

“You splashed the dog’s water all over you.” Patricia now begins to giggle, “You’re soaked. Are you okay?”

I hate explaining jokes. Now everyone is laughing at me and not with me. I hate that more. Anyway the joke was a hit but not for the reason I though it would be. I also had to perform a reprise in January of ’04 after Christine’s surgery, because I made a promise to.

I still hold to this day, that it was a funny joke and they are all morons for not getting it. Lesson to be learned? Timing is everything! If your not careful your joke might turn you into a family gag for the next millennium.


SJ said...

Is there another possible "reprise" - sounds like a sight to behold to me!

kludge said...

If you ever undergo major surgery you might be able to witness this. The only other option involes intoxication, one of the many reason I don't drink.

SJ said...

Well, I am praying no major surgery - but should it occur, I will hold you to it! Ha ha!!!

ping said...

All I remember is that you looked like a live fish that was washed up on the sand by the retreating tide!

kludge said...

good times...
good times

J Crew said...

That was a classic

Ando said...

What we'll do for a laugh.