Office Pranks

RULE OF PRANKS #1: Expect the unexpected.

I love office pranks. This is a necessary requirement of any good working environment. The best pranks are the least expected, in timing and also the deed that is done. Don't overdo tired pranks, be yourself, unless your dull, then... be a target.

I had just spent an hour unpacking some 70+ hard drives from their individually boxed packages for our SAN (it's technical, but not important). Anyway it was dull. So to liven things up, I spent another 20 minutes re-decorating a co-workers cube with my leftovers.

I've been here a year, but I'm not very social in this office. Most of my co-worker were a little surprised to see the dungeon dweller, out with the living. Anyways I built an elaborate arch out of styrofoam, and then covered the cube floor in about 50 "land mines" that were the packing material for the harddrives. Additionaly the process wasn't complete without a taunt. Craig likes BMW, hence the witty sign. Luckly someone took pictures with their cell phone, so I can share them with you. If I'm correct I should have a present of my own waiting tomorrow morning. This fellow gets in at 7:00, and I'm not in till 8:00.

Note- This was a small scale assault.

I've been party to some pretty elaborate schemes in my working career. My favorite was taping down every article on a co-workers desk, with packing tape. We're talking paper clips to telephones, EVERYTHING. This process took a good hour or so. When Carlos arrived, the phone rang, and the antics began.

RULE OF PRANKS #2: Never dish it, if you can take it.

Of course retaliation is a must. The best retaliations are more elaborate than the original prank. Carlos was able to load an annoying wav file called chupacarbra into my computer and it would play at every logon. Anyway for a month, while I tried to find all the references he had added, every time I started up my computer the taunting sound of defeat rang in my ears. As payback, I wrote a script to copy all his temporary Internet files to his desktop. Imagine having to delete 2000+ icons on your desktop every hour. This process goes on till you run out of one-ups, or a truce is called.

Anyone got a good prank or payback story?


J Crew said...

Just the other day we received an office chair that came in a large box. So, Mark and Erin and I decided to play a prank on the Executive Secretary. Erin and Mark got her to go into the garage while I was hiding in the box. As they were telling her to help them get something for her, I emerged from the box and said,AHHHHH!!!! I literally saw her heart jump out of her. It was hysterical.

Ando said...

Nice! Office pranks are not really necessary at my job, since it's pretty much a joke to begin with.

kludge said...

J crew;

LOL! I would have pee'd my blues. I'm the sucker for the scare prank. Well done.

Ando said...

Did we really need to know what color your underwear is?

kludge said...

You know for a general, your not real bright. Thanks for stopping by anyway.