Fashion Slave

I'm not a trendy person. I don't have anything against new trends, as long as you buy them because they look good and not becuase they told you it looks good. An excellent example would be the fuzzy boot craze. I'm a fashion slave not out of choice but out of lack of choice.

This has become most evident recently as I need to purchase a new pair of pants. Blue jeans to be specific. I like comfortable clothes and blue jeans are a must for any relaxed wardrobe. The issue is this; I can't find a pair of jeans without carpenter accessories. I'm talking about a hammer loop, screwdriver holder and pencil slot. When did carpentry hit the big time? Why are misters Klein and Strauss obsessed with the building business all the sudden? Was there a mix-up on the catwalk?

"Jan, that suit jacket was by designer...wait what is THIS!"
"I see it Raphael. A new bold statement coming down the runway."
"Sorry, I'm here to fix a squeaky floorboard...hey what's with the cameras?"

Who can really guess?

I suppose this would be acceptable if it weren't for the fact that I can't even use these items. I was doing some work recently and tried to stow my hammer in the loop, and it almost ripped off. So not only do we want to look like we're carpenters, we want to look like carpenters off duty.

So here I am trying to find pants without add-ons and waiting to see what new trend they will make us all buy next. We've already have the used look, the dirty pants look, and the patches outfit. I was thinking geek styles, like with your shirt buttons all off by one hole or the pirate look with pantaloons and boots.

I know, how about neat, clean, new clothes and shirts, without logos or giant dogs. Sorry I guess I lost my head.


Brendan said...

I *hate* jeans with pre-installed holes and/or patches.

kludge said...

Have you noticed used clothes, furniture and hats are in!

Could you imagine if this was acceptable with food?