Training Day

Tomorrow is the day. Training day. I get together with 40 other county employees and learn how to drive a car correctly. Your tax dollars at work! I know that J Crew went through this a few months ago but I have to admit I'm pretty nervous. Not about the training or the driving. I'm nervous about saying my name.

Every time more than four county employees get together we have to do this ritual.

“I’m going to go around the room,” I feeling the hair on my neck rising “Please stand up say your name, where your from, how you like your beef prepared, what’s your favorite flavor jelly bean, and what would your spice girl name be?”

I’m just so uncomfortable in these situations. Some of you are surprised, because I’m such a loud mouth. That’s different; I know you and feel comfortable around you. When I'm alone in a room full of strangers, I get nervous. When I’m nervous in public, nothing good will come from it. Save a possible Saturday post.

There are people who have no trouble with this social requirement. They stand up; prattle on for like four minutes with some amusing anecdote about their car trouble and why they like to chew gum at their desk. They sit down and smile, and everyone is laughing or nodding. It gets to me, I’m usually near the end of the line so I get as uncomfortable as possible.

“Next?” the instructor motions at me.

“I’m called Peter,” I say ”…and I like popcorn...buttered...I mean.” I sit down and bury my face in the agenda items.


Anyway I’m sure it will be fine. I’m just letting myself worry about it, because this is the way it has always happened before. Luckily when I get back to my office on Wednesday no one will rememeber.

Till the e-mails start flying.

For the record:
Name: Peter
From: Santa Rosa
I like my Beef: medium well
Favorte Jelly Bean: buttered popcorn
Spice Girl Name: Geeky Spice


J Crew said...

I also like buttered popcorn, but my favorite is smores. I like my meat medium rare or well and I like Tobasco Spice

kludge said...

Tobasco Spice - small bottle - BIG BITE!

You go girl!

Patricia said...

My favorite Jelly Belly is Watermelon!!! I think Buttered Popcorn jelly belly's are disgusting. I like my beef medium well and I think my name would be Frazzled Spice.

SJ said...

As for Jelly Belly's I love the Juicy Pear. I am with Patricia - I am not big on the buttered popcorn. I like my beef medium-well and spice name hmmmmmmmm, that is tough and where I would be super nervous on training day.

Paul said...

never would have thought that about you, dood. particularly with the debating-team background.

kludge said...

Lunch Break! -

I'm on my lunch break for the class. No introductions! I worried for nothing the guy could have cared less who we were. Additionaly my partner jumped ship and moved to a friends car. I've been driving the courses all by myself, save rush of course.

kludge said...


Yea I get very uncomfortable. It has only gotten worse the more I have gotten into computing. Now people EXPECT me to be that way, because of the geekom.