Persimmons Are Falling

Persimmons are falling
They drop fast to the ground
The backyard is laden
With fruit all around

We've a number of fruit trees
They're in our side yard
An apple, plum, and persimmon
The last one I hold in little regard

We've lived in this house
Well over a year
The dropping of fruit
Is frequent 'round here

I mourn for each apple
I pine for each plum
We could have made pies
Or jam out of some

But persimmons are different
They aren't juicy or sweet
They're mealy and sod like
They're not great to eat

Persimmons are falling
Right outside my home
I'll cut the tree down
And add a lawn gnome!

-Peter Brown 2006


J Crew said...

I honestly wish that I had the wit to write stuff like that (no joke).
The lawn gnome thing is brilliant

kludge said...

Thanks JCrew, I appreciate it. These things get logded in my brain and I have to let them out.

Additionaly I listened well in Mr. McDonalds second grade poetry lesson.

SJ said...

That was GREAT!!!!!!! Made me laugh and Jeremy would be right with you - he wants a lawn knome too!!!!!!!!!! If I find one for him at a good price, we may have to get you one too! Ha ha!

SJ said...

Ok - I spelled "gnome" wrong - opps - I figured it out quickly, but too late to take it off the last post - sorry!

kludge said...

Garden Gnome Chomsky