Coupon Day

“Hey buddy! I got something for you!”


“It’s a thirty pair shoe rack that hangs over your door…”

“I don’t need a thirty pair shoe rack. I only have four pairs of shoes, and I’m normally wearing one of them.”

“I’ll give you 20% off!”

“How late are you open?”

The first one of these I got I was so jazzed! 20% off ANYTHING in the STORE! We ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought matching coffee travel mugs and boat load of candles. We saved two dollars and twenty five cents off one candle. Whoop! I was a little bummed that we blew such a cool opportunity on such a lousy savings.We wouldn’t be fooled again.

If I ever got another one…things would be different. I would make it right. One day the ad arrives and lo and behold, another coupon! Anyway we spent it, and probably on something we didn’t really want or need, like, a silicon oven mitt, or an amazing salad spinner. Or something less useful like an elephant decoration for the restroom. Who can guess?

Recently though this whole coupon thing has changed. Bed Bath and Beyond is relentless in their offers. I cannot believe how many 20% off coupons I receive in a month. This picture I took this morning, is our cache of 20% coupons. They are stuffing my mailbox like a Thanksgiving turkey. Begging me to come in, pleading with me.

Come to the store!
Buy our stuff!
Come to the store!
You can't afford not to!

It seems to me they must have a factory churning these out by the bucket full. Somewhere a printing press is in dire need of a vacation. What am I suppose to do with them? I can’t throw them out, it's like burning cash! Really though, is there anything I need this badly? The power squid power cord? A stand for my ketchup container? I can’t find one thing in their ad that entices me in the least. I just can’t get worked up over another blender, or a collapsing storage container. I suppose I'll just keep collecting them like some eccentric old person

If anyone wants a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, we might be persuaded to part with one. Or maybe I'll start making clothes out of them for the neighbors cat.


Patricia said...

Hey I like my elephant...

J Crew said...

That's a lot of coupons. I recommend a salad spinner or anything from the "As seen on TV section

Brendan said...

Wow.... they sell power squids at BB&B?

kludge said...

Brendan -


and this charming hanging lamp

Don't walk, run to savings!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Hilarious! May I recommend the portable, travel hammock as your next 20% purchase?

kludge said...


Thanks for stopping by.

Good idea, I could string that up at work!

kludge said...


I'm sorry, I meant to say delightful elephant decoration

SJ said...

I love those coupons - you can share anyday - they don't seem to send them to me and I shop there quite a bit!

kludge said...

Jcrew -You'll never believe what I got in the mail tonight. I couldn't belive it.

SJ- your welcome to some. Get a few from Patricia on Friday

Ando said...

Can you combine them on the same purchase to get, say, 120% off?

RC said...

i too love these coupons i never go to bed bath and beyond with out one.

and you know what, i also never go to linen's and things even though its near by...

you know why? They have the same prices...but no 20% off coupon.

--RC of

dinane said...

I always feel somewhat guilty spending one of my cache of bright blue coupons on something so trivial as a towel or a pillow. I keep saving them in a vain hope of needing something outlandish like a new microwave or a bed in a bag kit. But that's not what happens, because I never need anything so fancy from BB&B. I always just need a towel or a pillow or a drawer organizer. Just that I usually need like 3 of these type of things at a time. And then I end up buying like 10 other things that I think are neat.

Case in point: last time I went there, we were looking for curtains. We did not buy curtains. We did spend over $100. But don't worry, we got $4 off of a pillow!

BB&B is my budget's downfall...

kludge said...


If you get the right 16 year old clerk, you can do almost anything!