Give it Up

Thursday I had to go to the dentist. As I mentioned in the post The Dentist Wants Your Teeth I thought Mr. mouth had an abnormal need for my munchers. Well it turns out I was right. He’s decided that all my wisdom teeth should come out. Does your dentist smile when he gives bad news? Mine does. What is that all about? Anyway after I finished my twenty three x-rays he sent me to see the oral surgeon.

So I dropped my paper work off at the oral surgeon. Beware if your doctors’ office is nicer than the oval office. You can bet your not going to get any bargains. After an engaging conversation with the receptionist, where they said that I would owe them $120 the next time we met, and I said, then lets not meet till the end of summer, I left.

I decided after all this discomfort I should go the blood bank and finish the day off right.

This started off as a joke in my head and pretty soon I was coming up with lots of reasons why this would be a good idea and few as to why it wasn't. The only compelling reason not to go was I really need a haircut. If you can believe that I would rather give blood than get my hair cut, you’d be right. But that’s for another post.

So I finished off the afternoon by giving a pint of blood for someone I do not know and will probably never meet. It felt good, and I liked knowing it might help someone in need. Last April my daughter needed blood for her heart surgery. An army of people stepped up and drained their veins for her. It was amazing, we were blown away by everyones willingness to give. Its been that long since I donated and I not sure why. I’m not scared of needles and can take the small amount of pain involved. To be honest it isn’t a painful process, and you get free juice and pretzels. What more could you ask for?

The truth is there is always a reason not to go, I’m busy, I don’t like pretzels, I don’t want someone to pump a pint of my blood into a bag. Anyway it worked out today and I hope that in eight weeks I go back. It wasn’t bad and I know someone needs it.

Additionally the blood bank will stop calling my house for the next eight weeks. That fact alone is easily worth a bucket of blood, and an hour of my time!


SJ said...

I think that is an awesome thing to do. I have a horrible fear of needles - passed out getting a series of shots once. It was horrible - so giving blood is something I am scared to do, but have always wanted to do. Great thing to do Kludge!

kludge said...


Believe me I totally understand fear. If I had to give blood in a butterfly arboretum I would pass. No questions asked.

J Crew said...

Good post. It makes you check yourself.

kludge said...

Thank you.

What does "It makes you check yourself" mean? I've had two mugs of Joe but I'm still lost...

J Crew said...

It makes you examine yourself and your priorities I mean. I to have been avoiding the blood bank because I have been busy, but what I am I really busy with that I can't go every 8 weeks or so to give blood to someone that might need. I meant that it made me examine my priorities to show that I am selfish. So... thanks for the good reminder.

kludge said...

J Crew,

Thanks for helping me out. I'm sooo with you now. I accually really enjoyed the experience.

I even got to tell the story of Pistol the skydiving cat to a captive audience.

Roberta said...

I would give blood, except for two things: (1) I am terrified of needles thanks to being held down and given numerous injections when I had a life-threatening infection at age 3 or 4, and (2) they won't let me due to the fact that the aforementioned infection got into my blood at one point. I was told once that if I got a note from the doctor who treated me that said I was OK to go, they'd let it slide, but since that was at Kaiser in '84, I don't think that's gonna happen.

It's a shame, too; I like cookies & juice!

kludge said...


That sounds like a tramtic experience! I cannot relate totally, but I do understand, the needle fear! I had this horrible fear of needles till I was in high school. Allergies accually fixed that.

I found the only relief from allergies was to get 4 shots a week, 2 in each arm, of this grass/pollen liquid. After a six months or so of that I'm just not scared of them anymore... go figure.

As for the cookies & juice... try old folks homes, they just leave them sitting out!!! SCORE!