Fair Reflection

Udder Balm, Udder Balm! Come get your udder balm!
Come see the the 1000lb pig!
Don't leave without the wonder knife!

We went to the fair. It was okay. I wasn't that excited, maybe the heat, maybe the day leading up to it, or maybe it wasn't as WOW as I was hoping for. If you were looking for cool gizmos in the vendors pavilion you might not get lucky. If you were looking to see gangsters or women in skimpy outfits though, the fair might just be your best bet.

We paid $19 for two gigantic corn dogs and two lemonades. That’s fine; the fair isn't a place for bargains. While we ate, there was a pretty decent band doing covers of 70's and 80's tunes. The band played, We munched, and the Budweiser stage came through. It was cool and the Clydesdales were very regal. Too bad they were towing the best known symbol for cheap booze. About five minutes later a fellow came down the road with a bucket and a shovel, cleaning up after the horses. I will have a hard time being upset about my job for a while.

So the family decided to see the 1000lb pig. I declined. I like pigs one way, on my plate. Apparently it wasn’t a pretty sight, and I got a full description. Luckily I think I could still go for sausage, so I guess I’m impervious to the effects.

Anyway from there Patricia and I went on our own to the vendors pavilion. It didn’t seem that spectacular. Cetainly not full of people or vendors. I came very close to buying a cord wrapper, but managed to walk away. At the ring cleaners Patricia had to confess she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. We played it up and got a laugh or two. So much for the fair.

Of course there was the Udder Balm…


Ando said...

Mmmmmm, utter balm. Remember when I said I wasn't a big fair guy? Now you know why.

kludge said...

How utterly ridiculous. How you can come and cow about some product, and use it to moo off the fair as a whole. Sure milk the balm for all it's worth. I think that stuff was the cream of the fair!

Butter buy some buddy!

J Crew said...

The udder balm was very interesting. I really think those soft tubs are cool

kludge said...

J Crew-

I'm with you. Patricia and I felt bad for the hot tub and sauna folks last night. Seems the Alhamabra people made a killing!

J Crew said...

I really like the Culligan water faucet thing. That was totally legit!!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Did you get a funnel cake too? Unsanitary fair food and rickety rides are the best part of the fair!

kludge said...

I love the funnel cake!

No we were forced out early by my bad day, and two young children.

We used a succor of a package oreo's and the moive "The Quiet Man" applied liberaly at the house.