Lazy Thursday Blues: Take 9

The World This is REAL they are BUILDING 300 islands in Dubai. check this out too..

Yeti Sports 1 Liked Penguin Darts? Try this one.

Still Here?
I've decided to post some more Stereograms. Click each picture for a larger size. Let you eyes relax and the picture will go out of focus, and another will emerge. Again, bragging rights to the first correct decoder.


Brian said...

Hey Kludge, I like the Yeti game, awesome!!!! Also you can check out the progress of the "world" if you look on google earth. Some people have way too much money. But if you want to go in together we can get a island, you know missionaries need a vacation too :). We're going to need a lot of brick, wood, wool, and grain for that. We had fun last night, see you soon.

kludge said...

I could go for my own island... I wonder if you get to name it?

I just did a google earth and they are really moving. even started building on one of the islands in the n. america cluster! That's a lot of sand!

I dreamed "Settlers of Catan" last night! I'm totally addicted. We defintly need to play again before you two leave!

RC said...

dubai is going to be a crazy crazy place are grandchildren will know about b/c it will be a major world center.

i did the 1st stereogram...i thought it was an owl at first, then realized it was a star...then my head was tired.

--RC of

kludge said...

LOL... sorry RC, I didn't mean to cause you pain.

Take to asprins and come back in the morning

Brendan said...

Am I really the first to get all of these again? I was hours behind on even looking at them...

I think the winner should get a black cisco console cable coaster! :-p

1) flower
2) kangaroos boxing
3) shark (wasn't this one on the last group too?)
4) Man drinking from a bottle
5) A Telephone... looks like a Cisco VOIP phone, but hard to say without a 3d Cisco Bridge logo on the top.
6) sphinx sitting in front of a pyramid.

kludge said...

Your the Magic Eye man, the shark is not recycled and I'm thinking the phone is from 1982. Oh and if you take another look at 4, you see its a woman.

If I had any clue how to get you a C4 in black I would be more than happy to supply one.

Brendan said...

Naw... far newer then 82... And about number 4... I'm not sure I agree... I think the lack of hair suggests male, and the chest is a six-pack.. maybe he's an athlete who is taking a swig of a gatorade?

Also, I liked your road sign points bumpersticker.... what would be worth?

kludge said...

Alright, I'll give you number 4!

Rule of thumb for road points... The harder it is to hit, the higher the points...

probably a 20!

Emberli said...

Acually, #4 is a man doing the Dew, Mountain Dew that is! I beleive I'm now the first one to get them truly correct. Ha-Ha

kludge said...


I like the way you think!