My Place

“Yeah…take a left then a right, then drive about 6 miles and you’ll see it there on your right”

“What’s the number?”

“No number, it’s called My Place

So this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while… When did people stop naming their houses? It seems people were doing in for hundreds of years. A tradition that was passed down from generation to generation, why stop all the sudden? Today it seems if you’re not the President your not allowed to name your place.

I believe we should bring it back. Here are some famous abodes in literature:

  • Bilbo named his place ‘Bag End’

  • Mr. Toad named his ‘Toad Hall’

  • Scarlet’s place was ‘Tara’

  • Mr Darcey lived at ‘Pemberley’

  • Anne at ‘Green Gables’
I understand all these references are fiction, but they were penned by folks who thought it was perfectly normal. Minus ‘Tara’ and ‘Green Gables’ I notice they’re all English. I found that in the UK it is still a normal custom.

I mean we name rivers, mountains, boats, lakes, resorts, pets, gorges, valleys, cities, cars, streams, geysers, inns, shoes, motels, roads, parks, oceans, fault lines, and diseases. Why did we stop at naming our homes?

The other night we were having pie and "RJ" mentioned it. Apparently a fairly popular comic made reference to it. The comic thought the idea to be ridiculous. I had to confesses to him about my obession with the notion. It occured to me that night that the post office might not find the thought amussing. I suppose it would get a little confusing to the postmaster.

"Please direct all my mail to 'Circles End'."
"Is that a joke?"
"Circles don't end..."
"It's a working title."

Anyway... I'll come up with something, but for now I suppose you can still reach me at the boring number on the street with the same name as everyone else.

But in the future you might have to find your way to 'Circles End'.


SJ said...

Interesting thought. I have never thought of it, but now am going to be pondering what a good name might be for our house. That could make for an interesting post in and of itself on the PIC site - if you could name your house, what would it be? Good thought Kludge. I am going to be pondering that now.

Brendan said...

Post office aside, I think it would confuse the hell out of me... There have been times when I've had to drive around a block 3 or 4 times in order to find unit #1230... I knew it was on that block based on the fact that I *could* find #1228 and #1232... if all I had to go on was "circles end", how would I know I was even on the right side of town if the only references I could find were "short infinity" and "bob's hut"?

kludge said...

LOL! "short infinity" has just made it to the kludge's home offical lineup!

Joshua P. Allem said...

I don't think it was the actual house that was given the name but the overall estate. ...huge chunks of land that included a mansion or large house such as the plantation home of Tara. But just in case I'm wrong, I'll be thinking of an original name for my abode.

kludge said...


I've changed my mind... you've convinced me, I'll buy a mansion...and name it! :)

Megan C. said...

Hmmm, why is it the words "huge chunks of land" and "California" don't seem to go together? Now, maybe if you want to move to Montana, North Dakota or Kansas you could purchase land and a house worthy of a name. For now? How 'bout "The Postage Stamp?"...this applies to most houses in CA.

kludge said...

Phil or Megan...

I agree! My house here would probably go for 3 chickens and a bag of manure in Kansas.