Girl Scout Stupidity

When the email went out yesterday for Girls Scout cookies it couldn't be more plain.

"If you want some, let me know before 12:00"

So I sent an email @ 1:41

"Did I miss the boat?"
"Yes for today, but maybe I can get some tomorrow"

I responded with another email asking the flavors, then another asking the price, then another adding a second box to my selection because my wife disapproved of my orginal selection. I then followed that up with a fifth thanking her for her patience and asking yet another stupid question about cookies.

All in all it was pretty ridiculous. You would think I was ordering a crate and not 2 four dollar boxes. The recipient of all my queries was quite understanding.

Today she delivered them to me, and I proceeded to ramble on like a ninny...

"I have to write a check."
"That's fine"
"I had enough cash for one, but not two boxes. I haven't written a check in a long time. I think I still remember how though. Most men aren't big on writing checks."

While writing the check I decided to fill the silence with more pointless blathering...

"So how old is your girl."
"This is for a friends girl."
"Right!" I knew this because we had just had an office wide baby shower for her not more than 6 months ago! I didn't attend, as I'm not great in social interactions at the office.
"Yours won't be in girl scouts for a while" I bluffed with a smile.
"He's a boy."
"Oh! Well. I won't put him in girl scout I guess..." A smart person would just shut up an hour ago. Not me, I'm such an idiot! Still I did get two boxes of cookies. So I guess it wasn't all bad.


Jeremy said...

I think you have exposed their hidden plot. Girl Scout cookies make us all stupid, which is why we cherish and eat them like crazy this time every year. You were just close enough to the cookies (in theory) that the stupidity started working on you before getting them.

kludge said...


So what you're saying is, "The cookies made me do it?"

I love it! Perfecto!