Fusion Ring

Something unexpected has happened...

Fusion Ring has surpassed Kludge Spot in popularity! Probably because I update it everyday and post less than 20 words a entry. Or maybe people just like gadgets! Regardless.

In addition I've given LAS and Shirt Post a face lift. We'll see how long it lasts. :)

And the Wood Mangler is still going strong. In fact I was recently featured in a popular wood turning website

All this to to say, "I'm still here and blogging like mad!" Take that social networking sites!


Jeremy said...

WHAT! You're using your creative writing energies on places other than the Kludge Spot? I feel betrayed. Yes I have stuck around as a faithful ready, even during a dearth of writing and all I get is that you have been secretly posting ELSEWHERE! Shame. Shame.

And please don't ever post pictures of me after "running" a marathon again. I worked hard on that body.

Jeremy said...

when I get angry I type fast... and then I make mistakes.

I have been a faithful READER.

kludge said...

They aren't much for creativity, but there are some fun pictures and clickables!

BTW. I think you look hot!

Jeremy said...

I think it is funny on the "popular wood turning website" everyone that has submitted something has a name like "Dr. Wilbert Woodcomb" or "Mark Smith." Then there is this entry by one "Wood Mangler" - who is that guy?

J Crew said...

That is the best shirt i have ever seen!