20 Things Learned As Sys-Admin Repost

  • “Nothing’s wrong with the system” is always the first line of defense.

  • The longer you do this the less intelligent that users seem.

  • It always works on my computer.

  • I’d explain how I fixed it but you wouldn’t understand, so I just say “SYS-ADMIN USE STRONG MAGIC!”

  • Trust me, you’re doing it wrong.

  • <work> </joy> If you get it. It’s funny.

  • I’m not reading your email for fun; I’m checking the servers load.

  • Overhead lights wash out the monitor.

  • Walls are for your protection, indoors is where it’s safe.

  • I send Bill Gates a Christmas card every year. Poor code pays my mortgage.

  • Backups are never corrupted unless the data might actually be needed.

  • GUI’s are for the helpdesk and babies.

  • Windows? Reboot.

  • Declining social skills are part of the job.

  • Never trust a tan Systems Administrator

  • Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. This cannot be overstated.

  • The less rights users have, the better for everyone.

  • Managers should never be allowed to touch systems. This is just borrowing trouble.

  • Calling tech support means admitting you are fallible. Avoid this at all costs.

  • The answer is “No, I didn’t change anything” even if you have to lie through your teeth to say it.

    ViperMan2000 said...

    Very good! Best ones:
    6, 11, 13, 15, 16, and 19

    Especially the tan one and the coffee one.

    Tony said...

    I may be just a lowly Tech Support Monkey but DAYMN if that doesn't apply! Well, most of it. Just a few alterations and it could be my list:

    Swap coffee with ED and Red Devil, lose the Christmas card - the aggravation just isn't worth the job security... :P Calling tech support is not only admitting you are fallible but worthless as well - since you probably already know more about their product than they do. Oh yeah, and walls - walls are what makes a prison. Walls are definitely Not Nice. Walls contain inept end users and suck the life out of you. Freedom may not be safe but beats indoors any time.

    Also, I never remember to use that strong magic-line, damnit. (Two weeks ago I fixed something and explained to the user what I did. Today I hear the user had complained I hadn't even explained what I had done. Why do I even bother...?)

    Makolyte said...

    "I send Bill Gates a Christmas card every year. Poor code pays my mortgage."