Influence Me!

Gentle Reader;

Now that man week has concluded. I'm sure that there are unhappy folks. Oh well. It was a hoot!

So now I'm looking for some ideas. If there is something you've been longing to see here, save sanity, now is your chance. Let me know. Request a 20 things, ask a question for a geek perspective or simply insult me. Whatever. I'm not promising to post your ideas, but who knows what your comment might spark!

Thanks for the help.

Editor and Chief


ViperMan2000 said...

20 Things you do in the bathroom
20 Things you shouldn't eat
20 Things that don't go well with ketchup
20 Things that are better left alone
20 Things to do with a pencil and duct-tape
20 Ways to party in 1989

Tony said...

Would not 20 things to do with duct tape suffice, without the pencil? Granted, if you start listing all the things you can do with it, it'll be a looooooong list. But a top 20 or 20 most interesting things you might not have thought of?

Hmm. 20 ways to not call someone an idiot to their face when they ask a stupid question? 20 ways of coping with stupid questions? Both of those might come in handy at work...

kludge said...

ViperMan... Awesome!

I think

20 Things that are better left alone
20 Things to do with a pencil and duct-tape

are my favorites! Thanks!

kludge said...


I think you're right, the pencil helps to give it scope. My mind has been working on this one without my express permission. Well see if it goes anywhere.

Maybe something like, "20 Ways To Defend Yourself From The Stupid?"

I think that has potential too!


ViperMan2000 said...

20 Things you should do in France
20 People you don't want to p*ss off
20 Foods you want to watch out for at a Chinese restaurant
20 Different ways to eat an Oreo
20 Ways to protect yourself
20 Unintentionally perverted song lyrics
20 Aspects of a twisted mind
20 Things to do with your blog
20 Ways not to cook chicken
20 Terrible ideas for a 20 list

Haha, don't ask. I'm just typing random stuff to see if it gets you anywhere with ideas.

ViperMan2000 said...

Here are some random phrases. Maybe see if you get inspired by any of them:

A good old fashioned book burning
Big city, little town
Baby Elvis
Evil Laptops
Aliens from innerspace
Invasion of the hotdogs
Genetic mutation
People with mustaches
Different types of hot dogs

ViperMan2000 said...

I'd love to read a blog about relationships. You know, starting out, first dates, then on to leaving the toilet seat up, etc.

kludge said...

Sweet Freaking Mercy!

Okay, VM2000 looks like I need to get busy!

kludge said...


Oddly enough, a good portion of your random phrases, remind me of Fallout 3...

J Crew said...

How about geek week?