20 Stupid Ways To Lose Your Keys

  • Baking them in a pie. (Lasagna, Casserole, Etc)

  • Putting them in the Salvation Army bucket with your spare change

  • Letting your toddler pay with them

  • Throwing them away with your empty coffee cup

  • Walking away leaving them sitting in plain sight on the bank counter top

  • Returning them to a department store with your other exchanges

  • Accidentally dropping them public porta potty (buy a new car. It's not worth it)

  • Having them eaten along with your hand by an angry crocodile (tiger, hippo, polar bear, whatever)

  • Dropping them on a sandy beach (you'll never see them again. I promise)

  • Dropping them into the sewer grate right outside your house (done this one)

  • Flushing them down your own toilet

  • Sealing them up in a computer case (Engine block, patients stomach, etc)

  • Dropping them under the seat in a movie theater (or similar black hole like the clothes dryer)

  • Giving them away in the pocket of donated clothes

  • Dropping them in the ocean (bay, river or killer whale pool at Sea World)

  • Leaving them on the seat of the taxi cab in Australia that dropped you off at the airport

  • Going for a walk with them in your pocket and arriving back home without them

  • Giving them in a rolled up newspaper to Mr. Henry Potter

  • In the garbage disposer (technically, though, you'll still have them)

  • leaving them in the door of your house at night and not finding them in the morning

  • Letting your wife or girlfriend keep them safe for you

    ViperMan2000 said...

    I love your lists! They're so awesome. Especially "Sealing them up in an engine block". Hilarious!

    kludge said...

    Thanks! I appreciated all the suggestions. Some where quite funny!

    I added a link to your site.

    ViperMan2000 said...

    Awesome! Thanks!

    Tony said...

    Oh great, another list! I always enjoy these very much. :)

    "Walking away leaving them sitting in plain sight on the bank counter top."

    I have never understood people who deliberately lose control over their keys every time they see a flat surface. Seems like not keeping your keys on you is a sure-fire way of losing them. I guess that's just me, though, as so many people keep doing it? (And, usually, asking if I can let them back after they walk through a locked door at work and only then realize that they left their keys behind...)

    The having your hand eaten-bit was rather interesting. :D *Scrunch* "Oh darn, there go my keys..." :)

    ViperMan2000 said...

    Man. I wish I was inspired enough to come up with 21 things on a 20 list. I just end up with 18. Lol