Silence Is Golden

I've lost my voice. It's gone. bubye. As a fervent talker this is worse than torture, as best I can tell, no one else I know seems to mind!

On Saturday morning I awoke with a sore throat and a very very bad feeling. I could barely talk. It came out is a screeching whine that was quite less than pleasant. My wife beam.

"Sweetie. You should rest your voice."
"Seriously. No more talking."

I nodded. Little did I know at the time, she was as happy as a peach!

We spent the day driving around town enjoying our day off. She was talking up a storm, asking me questions that I couldn't answer making decisions like a seasoned professional.

Lunch was the perfect example.

"I want to go out the coast and get clam chowder."
"..." I raise my eyebrow. "We-"
"Save your voice sweetie!"

It was a beautiful day at the ocean! All overcast and drizzly, with the rays of the sun breaking through in odd places. Reminded me of Star Trek the Voyage Home when an alien probe was ionizing Earths oceans in an attempt to find evidence of the humpback whales. As I was lost in this unusual thought my lovely bride was also looking into the bay and stated

"I wish a shark would swim in a devour a sea lion. That would be awesome!"
"..." What in the world?! I thought I was crazy.

"Hello. Are you two ready to order"
I nodded
"I'll order for both of us, he's sick."
I cock my head in protest
"We'll both have the clam chowder and side salad. He'll have herbal tea with honey and I'll have a coke."
"Save you voice sweetie!"

And then I saw it. The sinister grin. THERE IT WAS. She was loving this! The loud mouth was muted and the whisper was in charge! Lemon herbal tea with honey is one of the nastiest flavors I've ever tasted.

Anyway... it's been 5 days and still my voice is cracking. I'm not sure how much longer, but one thing is certain. Patricia doesn't seem to care!

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littleRobin said...

I love Patricia.