Artificial Intelligence

To me the stumbling of artificial intelligence is as simple as syntax. It's a question of understanding. If you don't know what I mean, how can we communicate? I will always be a septic of computer intelligence, until this question of syntax is address.

When it comes to computer input, syntax is everything. If the statement isn't exactly what the blasted machine machine needs to hear, there's no way in the the world you're going to get your task completed. Somedays I feel like I just don't have the patience for it.

An easy to grasp example for the non-geeks:

Me: copy file from a to b

**Error, 'file' not known***

Me: copy file.txt from here to there

***Error 'file.txt' not known***

Me: copy c:\data\file.txt from here to there

***Error 'here' not known***

Me: CopY c:\data\file.txt FROm 'This LONELY place were we currently exist BECAUSE YOU WON'T COPY THE STUPID BLASTED DATA FILE' to there

***Error 'exist' not known***


So... do do you understand? If not please leave me a man file for your required syntax. I'd love to interact with you properly...

Me: (loading gun)


Tony said...

Rough day at work? Well, I see you're using Windows (unless you have an ancient DOS box still in production somewhere...) so I suppose that goes without saying. :p

The wonderful thing about computers is that at least those things take input as-is. Whereas humans ignore half of what you're saying, misinterpret the rest to what they presume you might be saying, and somehow always end up with the exact opposite of what you really did say because they can't be bothered to listen to what you actually are saying!

Computers may be a pain in the arse with their exactness, but they're still preferable to humans.

(As for artificial intelligence, as anyone who has ever fixed a computer or a peripheral device by pointing a gun at it and telling it that it either works or dies knows, it already exists. It just normally chooses to hide from us. And who can blame it, really? I would, too, if it were possible...)

ViperMan2000 said...

The movie "Wild Hogs" comes to mind.

"Mac, research alternative specs."
"Researching alternative sex..."

ViperMan2000 said...

Hey! Mr. Kludge. I just thought you may like to know that you've inspired me a bit. I just did a random typing post and a 20s list post. Maybe you can check it out and give me some pointers.

Jones Morris said...

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