I did it. I made it. I'm One.

Technically Kludge Spot was one on April 14th, but I don't want to split hairs, it's close enough.

For a year I've been posting here and I have to say, I feel pretty good about it. It's a lot more work than I ever envisioned a hobby to be. Not the physical pounding out on the keyboard so much, but rather the grasping of ideas and the manufacturing of those ideas into posts. As I look back I see loads of paragraphs about embarrassing moments, Thursday games, poems, conversations and of course the severely inconsequential.

Either way, I'm still here and Kludge Spot will continue on.

PS. Try not to get any cake or ice cream on the carpet, I just had it cleaned.


Ando said...

Well done, sir. Keep up the good work...or else.

Windy City Survivors said...

Congratulations on the 1 year mark!!! Keep the posts coming! :)

SJ said...

Congrats!!!!!! Keep the great posts coming!

Jason said...

Congratulations. . .that's about 5 and a half months in Galapagos tortoise years.

J Crew said...

Happy blogbirthday Kludge you are one in approximately 8.1 million