20 Things I Learned From Hotdogs

  • Never read the ingredients.

  • If you want to know what’s in a hotdog, it’s not your type of food.

  • Never read the nutritional information.

  • Who needs loose fitting pants when you have hotdogs?

  • Buns, relish and mustard are just extras, not necessities.

  • Extras are nice when you have them.

  • Some extras are better than others.

  • Cooked or uncooked, it’s your preference.

  • Preservatives taste great.

  • Even a bad hotdog is better than the alternative. No hotdog.

  • Eight is never enough.

  • Since hotdogs come in packages of 10 and buns come in packages of 8, 40 might be the perfect number of hotdogs.

  • Thankfully there is no shortage of hotdogs, so you can always buy more.

  • Not everyone likes hotdogs. This means they won’t eat yours.

  • Chili and cheese go with everything. Hotdogs are not above the law.

  • Putting cheese inside a hotdog, means you had to remove some of the meat. This is never an acceptable practice.

  • There are no extra hotdogs in the package, every hotdog has a purpose and should not be dismissed as an extra.

  • Hotdogs shouldn’t sit alone in the refrigerator for too long. It makes them feel unwanted.

  • No hotdog should feel unwanted.

  • There is always room for one more hotdog.

  • Feel free to add your own revelations.


    Windy City Survivors said...

    The girls love hotdogs. I have to be at a baseball game to want a hotdog. They aren't my favorite-I'm one of the people who would give their hotdog up to you!!!

    SJ said...

    There is nothing like a hotdog at a baseball game. I don't eat them often, but when I do - I definitely try not to think about what might be in them. Fun post to read!

    Yes - Michelle has done well with the blog graffiti!!!

    J Crew said...

    The only thing better than a hotdog and potato salad is 2 hotdogs and potato salad

    kludge said...



    Being where you are... have you ever tried a Chicago style Dog? (pickles, tomatoes, good 'snap' and so forth)

    Just curious...

    kludge said...


    I love a sausage hotdog at a Giants game! GRUB!!

    I find reading the ingredients used to be a good deterrent to eating them...

    ...I believe I've grown callus.

    kludge said...

    J Crew-


    ...or 3
    ...or 4...

    Sarah said...

    At one time I did like hotdogs and ate them. Second grade I had a terrible experience. I was given a burned, nasty hotdog to eat at school. I didn't want it and threw it away. My teacher took it out of the trash and made me eat it. No more dogs entered my mouth for at least 10 years. I do eat them once in awhile but only as a last resort.

    kludge said...


    That's horrible...

    ..you threw a hotdog in the trash!! :)

    I can see why that would put you off, sounds like the teacher might have been a bit overbearing!

    Anonymous said...

    aint nothin like a hot dog! (elvis preseley voice to the tune of hounddog)