Lazy Thursday Blues: Caption 23

Well Surprise, Surprise! Look it's Thursday and here we are yet again for another caption day. I'm not sure how much longer to continue these. Are you bored of them yet? 'This is for posterity so honest.'

Two great pictures for today. Take your pick and caption whichever you prefer. Or try your hand at both! As always we need to adhere to good taste. Please keep it clean.

1Here's one to get you started:
The newest economy cars really hold fast to the road!

2Here's one to get you started:
The new suit sure did fit better, but Superman wondered if catching criminals because they were doubled over laughing was really worth it.

Stuff I've found this week:

Jurassic Ken See it through to the end...if you can stand it!

Unibrow Song A Classic.

This just makes me laugh :


Ando said...

1- Who needs The Club, when you've got The Straps!

2- No comment required.

SJ said...

1 - You'll notice one of the great features of this car is that it comes with the highest level of security system.

2 - Well - honestly not even sure what to say about that one - it scares me a little!

Windy City Survivors said...

1 - You park next to the guy and think "wow, I thought I was paranoid about my car getting stolen".

2 - Hmmm...a little disturbing. I'm not sure what to say.

3 - woman seeking man...sorry, you won't find a man with all of your requirements. Especially the vegetarian part...don't know one guy who'd do that one.

Aunt Missy said...

Okay I will say it, yes I want Lazy Thursday Blues to continue!!!

1. Caution:Driver so full of hot air, it leaks out and car is likely to fly away if approached.

2. Although he wanted to start his day fighting bad kitties, Hello Kitty Man could not find his hello kitty lunch box nor his hello kitty pen and paper to take names and litter box numbers....

kludge said...

Aunt Missy-

I'm glad someone took a stab at #2! Great Captions! I'm dying over here!

Aunt Missy said...

Okay stayed to the end of Jurassic Ken, the boy needs some help! funny!!!!!

Since everyone else begged off I had to try #2 cause it really made me laugh