I used to write a 500 word post everyday, at part of this blog. I thought in the beginning that it was super simple. I could always find something to crank out and wax ridiculous about. Afterwards I would go back and tweak it, fix any errors I could find and do my best to be slightly witty or at least abnormal. If that post wasn't the best at least you knew there would be one tomorrow.

In fact I used to keep a scrap of paper in my pocket during the day, so if an idea popped into my head I would write it down and recall it for later. It would just be a phrase, like, 'Who invited the geek to the party?' or 'the bees are walking on the ground.' Just something to remind me of an idea I had or even to start a new one. Even made a post from my unused ones. The first year I cranked out almost 200 posts.

After a while the ideas just seemed to dry up. I think that's because I let them. Typing everyday was like stretching. It forced me to write and create and imagine. Not typing and focusing so hard on the next funny idea was like a torn muscle.

"I can't run today. I torn a muscle. I'm out for a few..."
"Did you stretch first?"

Okay. I have to admit, the exercise metaphor is pretty weak. I know nothing about running. I never run. Well, unless I'm being chased. Even then I'd stop after a bit and just be done with it!

"This sucks. I'd rather die then have to deal with all this puffing and sweating."
"I'm not here to kill you."
"You're not?"
"No! I'm an insurance sal-. Hey I thought you said you were done with running"

Insurance salesman get a bad rap, that's only because they're all a bunch of money hungry slimeballs...

As I look back on my post sometimes I wonder if I've thought of everything possible to write about. Clearly not! There are always things that affect our lives and rarely do those things happen without some amount of humor! At least in my life. My life is one big laughing stock!

So, I'm going to try stretching a bit and see where it takes me. The truth is I really do enjoy blogging, whether or not it is still in vogue. At the very least you'll have something to read. As to that something being worth your time... I have no idea!


Mr. M said...

Awesome. Can we look forward to daily posts again, then?

kludge said...

That is the plan. 5 days a week. We'll see how I do! :)

Mr. M said...

This is inspiring me to get back on my own Blogger and write some stuff up. (Not enough traffic on my own website.)