Holding Back The Tide

Why do we sometimes wait to go pee,
Instead of setting our caged liquids free?

Why do we sit for a couple beats later,
Ignoring our urges to which we should cater?

Why do we squirm in our seats in denial,
Of the river inside that should flow like the Nile?

Why do we walk by a restroom and think,
I can hold back the dam right up to the brink?

Why do we wait till our bladders are bursting,
To finish a task for which our organs are thirsting?

Why can't we just say, "Excuse me all please,
I have a strong pressure I'm needing to ease?"

Once in the restroom your body's past ready,
You dance a small jig to hold yourself steady

Then we flee to toilet to spill off your excess,
And finally be rid of those toxic possess

Then once you have purged you feel so elated,
And wonder inside, "Why should I have waited?"

"I'll not do that again." we resolve with our pride,
Yet next you're squirming, still holding back the tide.

Peter P. Brown 2011


Mr. M said...

This is a very touching work of poetry.

Have you ever thought of taking your best blogs and making a book of them?

kludge said...

Deep stuff huh?!

Nah, I'll just have to wait to be discovered like the millions of others! :)

Tina said...

I love things that rhyme and are about urine.