Title Offerings

There are days when I find that I have more fun coming up with the title of my post than actually writing anything. Recently these days have become more frequent. I'm having trouble thinking of the inconsequential more and more often. My head is involved in politics and work. Two things that do little to add to the inane and bizarre profundities that you all seem so keen on.

So...for no other reason than my sheer desire to have something new on my page, I offer you some titles that have been floating in my head. I have tried to make a couple into posts, but don't get much further than a sentence or two. As such, I'm submitting them to the public, to use, and abuse and change. If you do use one... I'd like to know so I can read it.

Ten Posts With Only A Title-

"Fitting Straight Jackets" (It's a little tight around the waist)

"The Awful Truth Of Shoe Leather" (Dogs and toddlers agree)

"Beating Kittens" (There is a special place in my heart for this one)

"When Coffee Cups Attack" (A recent nightmare of mine)

"The Fingernail Facade" (What are they hiding...?)

"Of Paper Airplanes And Wooden Shoes" (When the real thing just won't do)

"Licking Bob Jones" (Punching or tasting...it's your choice)

"Dead Lifting Servers" (A geeks workout routine)

"Jumping To Belafonte" (Like you've never tried it?!)

"Escape From The Pickle Plant" (...I have no idea where this one came from...)


Missy said...

I couldn't come up with just a title, let alone a whole blog about them! Your mind is in need of a rest, it's okay.

Politics and work, you need a bit of a vacation. What I dwell on is that I drive a big ole' Ford F150 and I can only put about a day and a half of gas in my tank at a time. Yes, I am the ugly American!

This election will make all of our heads explode in the very near future! Hang on!!

Jason said...

"Beating Kittens"

This sounds like a horrendous Nazi-esque blog that would arouse PETA-lovers everywhere.

I predict a comment from Pamela Anderson.

Ando said...

I've had a post titled Iraqniphobia in my drafts queue for a long time that is little more than that title. I do eventually want to write a post about the war, but mainly just so I can use that title.