20 Signs You're Addicted To Caffeine

  • You get a headache if you don't have caffeine every day

  • You've never skipped a day to find out

  • You have a 23 second attention span

  • You have a monogrammed coffee scooper

  • You never speak in complete sentences

  • You sleep 3 hours every night, whether you need it our not

  • You have a Mt. Dew tattoo

  • You run everywhere

  • Walking makes you nervous

  • Actually, everything makes you nervous

  • You have more coffee mugs than plates

  • Workers at the coffee shop, start your drink before you order it

  • You've never met a double-shot of espresso you didn't like

  • You drink French Roast to come down

  • You don't do instant

  • If you ever did, you would never tell anyone

  • You buy your weekly soda supply at the warehouse store

  • You love bromated vegetable oil

  • Your leg involuntary shakes

  • You just spent the last 16 straight hours gaming and you still feel awake

  • Originally posted on Legal Addictive Stimulants


    Windy City Survivors said...

    Wow, maybe I need to start drinking coffee! It may help me get through my crazy days when I need energy. If only it tasted better.

    Tony (the Finnish one) said...

    I hate coffee. My solution? Sugar-free energy drinks. :) Not only do they contain caffeine, but also taurine and guarana! Which is nice.

    ...The only downside is that the bloody things get pretty expensive after a while. :/

    kludge said...

    The means are not as important as the end. I know lots of caffeine addicts who don't like coffee.

    Say hello to, Dr Pepper, Thai Iced Tea(super sweet caffeine kick!) or even Sunkist(Honest!),

    Windy City Survivors said...

    Never heard of thai iced tea, I'll have to try that one. I'm not a fan of the carbonated drinks either...I guess I'm picky! :)

    kludge said...


    Whatever works for you! have you seen caffeine powder?

    Now even your kalakukko can have kick!

    SJ said...

    It is so sad that I can't do caffeine - - - makes my heart race - which is sad - I love Dr. Pepper :(

    Jason said...

    Hi. My name is Jason. I am addicted to caffeine.

    It all started one frosty morning in 1996. . .

    Anonymous said...

    "You have more coffee mugs than plates"
    That's me. But I drink tea from them :)

    Makolyte said...

    Luckily you cant in trouble for Driving While Caffeinated, or half the workforce would be shaking nervously in a holding cell.

    Caffeine Powder said...

    I drink about 5 energy drinks a day. Wouldn't say I'm addicted, but definitely should cut down